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Modern-day Concubine and the fall of the Roman empire

Throughout history man has stored women for his personal adventure, to quench a thirst that appears to be sexual, but is actually much deeper of a thirst than just a mere act. As I watch movies such as The Prince of Persia, and read history books describing the Qing Dynasty, I question. We witness the fantasy of a room filled with beautiful women whose only objective is to appease the King. We men in modern day all feel as if we are Kings in one form or another. We revel in the thought of it all. But is this fantasy unobtainable, or are there men who have such a life? Not in the middle ages, not in the Middle East, not after a Muslim jihad sacrifice, but right here in 2010 on this American soil?

Yes we do. You’d venture to think that the number of women who would subject themselves to such a life are diminishing. With the independence of women, and the less tolerance for male inadequacy, you may guess that concubines are virtually impossible. Even the pimp game has run its course. That industry in Nevada has women who are more times than not, better paid and in more control than their patrons.

The modern day concubine is a strong and independent woman with her own money and is in “full” control of her life. Read moreRead more


The Eve complex

eve2The Eve complex is the biblical example of how man lived within the confines of Gods plan for ages.  It wasn’t until Eve came and found that she had all of paradise at her feet, she had not to work, she had not to labor child or sweat.  All the bitch had to do was stay away from one freakin tree.  Could she do that?  Noooo, she had to be discontent with 99.9% of the world that she went and defied God.  Now look at us.


 With the rare exception of women who are comfortable and confident with their own happiness regardless of a relationship, most women will never be content and completely happy.  Women will never admit or agree with this statement, no matter how long they have been living in a state of unhappiness.  They will always believe they deserve more, more respect, more love, more gifts, more compliments, more sex, more attention…More something.  Damn girl, can’t you just be happy and appreciate what you got? Why do I have to be a sorry ass man if I’m not working extra hard to change something about myself just because you think it will make you happy?  I don’t believe the state of happiness is possible for you for any substantial length of time.  So why should I warm up and stretch just to jump through this hoop of yours when I know as soon as I grab a cold one with my left, and the remote with my right to relax on the couch, you are going to be crying with another hoop in your hand.  


Men, don’t listen to them.  Get your system in place.  Be determined to be the best man you want to be.  After that, find a women somewhat tolerable and live with her.  Know that every now and then she is going to hold up a hoop.  Do not feel obligated to jump through them all, becuase if you do, she’ll call you a weak pushover and question your manhood. Besides, this ain’t no freakin circus.  Do I look like a little yap dog to you?  Don’t answer that because that may display your discontent once again.



Thanks Eve,




I’d rather be the woman who knows what’s going on, rather than the wife who wonders what’s going on

sexI love richard. Matter of fact I think richard makes the world go round. But I don’t give a damn about a man. They lie, they cheat, and they are idiots when it comes to communication. So why do we need them… oh yeah, for the richard! I have a part time boyfriend and that’s exactly how I like it. To me, men are like hand bags, if you use it too much it will lose its appeal. So you need a variety to make you feel good.


For centuries women’s sexuality has been oppressed Read moreRead more


My Friend Natalie – Family Stage Two

new-born-feetOriginally published 10/22/2008  
It was a rather hot day in July 1992, I was discussing life with Natalie as we sat in her car on the campus parking lot between classes. We philosophized and propagated the meaning of the universe. This was an interesting time in my life, due to the fact that I was to become a father at any moment. My pager was on high alert with a fresh battery.

Later that night, I got the page…1911… I took a cab from my buddies house, I can’t remember why I didn’t have my car. Two day’s later I awake with a cramp in my knee and pride on my face and my first born asleep upon my chest. I gently kissed his forehead and handed him to his mother and told her I’d return to the hospital to take her home in four hours. Read moreRead more


Ms. Independent – “Size does matter”

Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo's David

Originally published 3/30/09
Men need women for one reason only, that is to stroke their manhood. Manhood in a broader sense than just anatomy.  The definition of an independent woman and the definition of Manhood are different for each person. Yet as a couple, the two definitions must be agreed upon through discussion and practice.  This is what makes good matches last. After the relevance of exterior beauty fades, two people must agree on what limits her independence has, as well as how large is his manhood. Size does matter, every woman wants a man with a huge manhood. Every man portrays a huge manhood, even if he is lying to himself or the world. Sometimes in the heat of an argument a woman will swing a low blow by questioning a man’s manhood,

“Just be a man and tell me the truth!”

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For the Love of Ray J

Taking breaks from the more serious or suspense television, I like to indulge in a bit of raunchy TV to numb the mind a bit. On the reality show “For the Love of Ray J”, the brother of famed singer Brandy, who is also an entertainer of sorts, has a show in the tradition of my man “Flavor Flav”.





Last nights season finale left me with a few questions regarding the types of women men want. The final three female candidates lined up perfectly in that there was the crazy one that you know is going to cost you, but you’ll have so much fun between psychotic episodes.  There was the Strong conservative woman who has direction and focus.  And thirdly, you have the one that has the perfect body but that’s about all she has to offer. 

The 3rd runner up was a big favorite, “Danger”, with a tattoo of a tiger on her face. My first impression was that she was crazy, and at the end it appeared that she was a bit unstable. Yet she was “mad sexy”. I don’t like tattoo’s but she rocked hers pretty damn hard. Read moreRead more


This is a man’s world – Virtue of a Women Part Three

This is a man’s world.  But it wouldn’t be a damn thing without a lady’s touch.

We men believe that we run this. Right or wrong, you lady’s allow us that pride. Yet let’s get real with it. When women don’t take a stand, a lot of shit hits the fan. We are nothing until we do right by you. And men are hard headed and stubborn at times, so we need you ladies to keep us in check. With no doubt you collectively have the power, but divided you all fall for some sorry game. You have many sisters holding your cause back. As of lately, your progress has stalled on the side of the road. Professionally you ladies are progressing nicely with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the growing number of female CEO’s. Yet personally you suck, no pun intended.


Women on a rare occasion unite with the power of numbers and overcome odds for a singular cause. You did it during the Woman’s liberation movement. You did it during the sexual revolution. Even if it is in the wrong direction, when you unite, you move weight. Through your virtue you shall one day unite again and move this land towards its promise. But not until you collectively realize that you do possess such strength. Just as Blacks have struggled with chains that they did not place on their ankles, yet had the key in their pocket for a while now, you too shall discover your key of virtue.

I’m no longer a player, I’ve retired the golden Magnum, so I can speak freely about Women Power. Not to worry men, I will never reveal the deep secrets of the male thought, but why not indulge women with my explanation regarding them? Men, don’t get mad at me, I’ve played the game and I’ve easily won due to the weak attempts you guys have mustered. So if women get stronger, you’ll have to take heed and improve your game. We’ll all be the better for it.

 “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free”

Women use what the have to get what they want. It’s a competitive world out there, and while you overuse what you got, men get spoiled and weak. Trust me, I know. Yet there is another variable on the left side of this equation, which is, you women have to have your stuff together. If we come over your house and it is nasty, that’s a no-no. When a man walks into a woman’s nasty house, he thinks to himself, “if she can’t keep her house clean, what about her ass?” As twisted and deranged as we are we will hit it anyways; we probably won’t keep coming back though. If you can’t cook a brotha a meal, what’s up wit dat? My 16 year old son can cook better then many women I’ve known. I’m not blaming ya mama, but somebody needs to get slapped.  I’m not trying to be chauvinistic, you don’t have to have any one set of skills, but know that we need a set of skills that complements ours, not duplicates them. However, a woman that can help cut down a tree, or fix a car is golden, that’s quality time wit ya man. Since I can’t get my girly girl daughter interested in home improvement, I’ve taught her that if the men of the house are doing work outside, come and check on them every hour and offer them something to eat or drink, you know, some sustenance. Outside of what a man wants, there is what a man needs, sustenance. Can you provide that?

Let me tell you a secret about my game that was so wicket smart, I was a better woman then most of the women I dated. They’d be blown away by my feminine qualities, which I imagine I got from my woman oriented childhood. But ladies, don’t let a man (especially a real man) out-woman you. Now she’s sitting there looking around not knowing what she can contribute because I got it covered.  Then her mind starts to rap around my life and she thinks “I can get used to this”.   My thought was, “What can you do for me? Nothing, so just sit back, look sexy, relax and enjoy…………….. Okay, you can go now.”   Now I must disclaim that not all of the women I dated were like that.  This is why I had to step up my game and settle down for the sake of doing it right.  Many women are quality, but it only takes a small percentage to keep men confused.  You women need to find a way to check and train those “hoes” that are making it so difficult for all you virtuous ladies.

Think of the three biggest things that break relationships up, then apply them to this article. Let me know your thoughts, am I crazy?



Have you ever looked up the word Mature? Are you mature? By whose standards are you mature?

My definition of mature is the ability to take into consideration the long term affects of current decisions. Wisdom is the ability to accurately predict how current decisions will affect the future. Maturity and wisdom go hand in hand. You can consider the long term affects of a current decision, but if you don’t have a clue about what the possible long term affects are, then your maturity is limited. This is why we go to school, and listen to our elders. So we don’t have to actually make as many mistakes as possible, but we learn vicariously through others shared knowledge. As my grandmother would say “A hard head makes a soft bottom”

So when you are face with a decision to do something that feels real good right now (immediate gratification) yet increases the risk of a negative outcome in the future, do you weigh the good with the bad. Or do you jump right in and suffer the consequences later.

If you have the opportunity to have sex with a person on the first date, you have to decide to do it or not; you have to decide to have oral sex or not; you have to decide to use a condom or not. You have to decide if the risk of this being a fatal attraction once you get physical is worth it. We all know the risk involved with permissiveness, but many of us take that gamble.

Have you ever been in a relationship and felt something was wrong, so instead of considering what outcome you truly want, you act out of emotion and make the situation worse? Many times you’ll find that you over reacted. Well that is letting your emotions get the best of you. It is very difficult to manage your emotions, but you must rely on maturity to not take action based on those uncontrollable emotions. Stop, take a breath and think on it before you react. Ask yourself, what do you wish the outcome to be. Probably, you want that thought of something wrong to not be correct. So don’t act out in a way that if there was nothing wrong, there is now because you just showed your ass with stupidity.

Have you ever known someone who continued to make immature comments? They say something that pops in their head without thinking of the long term affects of hurting someone’s feelings and damaging their relationship. Or just loosing the respect of others, which will haunt a person when they need to be taken seriously.

Maturity is better served warm, this means that you don’t have to make decisions while you are hot and bothered. You also don’t have to say no to living a quality and adventurous life for the sake of being “mature”, which is maturity served cold. Serving it warm means that you have a code that you live by, a plan. You can balance the risk in your life for enhancement without the high chance of living the rest of your life in a sling. Prepare with deep thought so that when you find yourself in situations, you know what to do. Some people rely on their religion to give them that guidance. Or maybe discussions with their parents that they actually listened to.

Between the age of 15 and 25 we make mistakes that we spend the remainder of our lives trying to correct. The object of the game is to find maturity as quickly as possible to reduce the regret, pain and anguish. People with morals, standards and self-respect tend to make more mature decisions than those who are most interested in immediate gratification. Which are you?


Virtue of a Woman- Part Two

Last night I went to the play “Wicked” playing at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The play was excellent. It takes the old and familiar story of “The Wizard of Oz” and builds the foundation of the storyline by starting with the birth of the wicked witch of the West, it develops throughout childhood, and ends after what was depicted on the original Wizard of Oz movie. Even as a child I would wonder how evil happens. I used to look at the gangster kids in my neighborhood and wonder why. I would watch He-Man and wonder why Skeletor was such a villain. Dr. Doom and what’s up with Lex Luthor. I don’t know if any of you ever had those thoughts, maybe I was just a strange kid?

The play really simulates real life in an abstract way. By allowing someone to come into our lives and walk a common path with us as we get to know them, we find that they just might be the wicked witch in the end.  At that point we may abandon that association in efforts to avoid additional despair. Yet that relationship represents the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”. You meet someone in the middle of their lives and not take the time to understand their flaws, yet we judge them and end the movie.  The play takes us back in time prior to the movie. It’s like taking the time to truly understand why a person is a certain way, at that point we offer ourselves an opportunity to learn about not only that person, but about humanity and even learn a bit about ourselves and how we may be able to adapt and compromise for the benefit of a union, the benefit of a race of people, the benefit of mankind.

Why was my mother such a tyrant? As I got older and begin to converse with my mother about her childhood experiences I learned where she placed the blame for her personal demons. I chose not to believe all that she said, but by understanding her perspective I was able to process the past a little better. Her story made me blame my grandmother for a while, but I changed my mind and forgave them both even though I don’t think they ever forgave each other.

The main virtue of a woman is contained in the definition of Nurturing. My definition of nurturing is the personality trait that creates the desire to constantly grow a personal relationship into something bigger, better and more effective. Women have this God given trait as the core of our human survival. God gave women this gift due to the fact that they have the task of caring for a human baby who has extraordinary needs and no way of communicating those needs. A women’s instinct allows her to effectively communicate with babies in order to bring comfort. In turn she feels a sense of accomplishment. Women carry this trait throughout their child’s life, actively attempting to better the relationship for a mutual benefit.

Women often use this trait in a relationship with a grown man. They attempt to positively effect change in the relationship for the purpose of mutual benefit. However, what may be a positive change for her may not be a desired change for the man. Women constantly try to change a man to fit “mutual” benefits. This is the beauty of her nature. It also is used as a motivating factor to a man. Hence behind every great man, there stands a great women. This same dynamic is what makes women such a blessing to us lazy ass men. We want to be a great man for you, we want to satisfy your every need. Provide you with all the love, money and emotional support you’ll ever need. We as men genuinely want to do this. In being successful in that, we find our manhood. We can now beat our chest and grunt in pride of our abilities.

The problem is when women overuse this nurturing trait. There is only so much growth and change we can take in any one period of time. If we don’t agree with the direction you deem to be “mutually” beneficial, it is no longer mutual. The aspirations you want us to accomplish are not for you to determine. We have to discover our own aspirations. You can motivate by your presence and commitment to our manhood, but to demand that we man-up and get it done, rub my feet, stop crying, tell me you love me, spend more time with me, go out and make more money, buy me that, buy me this, keep a good credit score on and on and on. Overdone, you’ve let your most beautiful trait turn on you. Now you are a single woman again and you say, men ain’t no good, sorry asses, all of’em.

The best way to get your way is to give his way without sacrificing your virtues, assuming that you have virtues prior to the relationship. A real man (the right man) will never jeopardize your virtues. He will respect and protect them. But if you have none, then why would he want to remain with you anyway.

Women normally value themselves by the success of their relationships. If you don’t believe me, spend time with a group of 50 year old women. I bet the common theme of their conversation is how the other people in their families are doing. They find pride in the success of the family given their “direct impact” on that outcome. This is why they want their men to be successful. This is why they want to spend money, the spending of money exhibits success, hence their value. Men don’t talk about that stuff, we value our selves by different competitive valuations, such as how much money we make, not how much money we spend. This one difference causes many issues between the sexes.

Talk it out, work it out, get over it and stay awhile.


Virtue of a Woman- Part One

My mother

My mother

Women come in all flavors, shapes and sizes, we can not generalize them too much without backing ourselves into a corner surrounded by angry women. In this series of writings I will share with you my personal understanding of women’s virtue, and how it has transformed over the years. I have had a fair amount of experiences with women. My mother was a single dating parent during a substantial portion of my childhood. She was a whirlwind to live with.  Almost annually I was awakened in the middle of the night by flashing red lights, crackling scratchy sounds of walkie-talkies carried by very tall white men in uniform due to my mother’s episodes of banter and rage. Even to this day, if paramedics are in my house I have an emotional trigger that creates confused disgust. It took me years to discover how her personal issues affected me, 90% for the worst, but that’s another story.

I also have three sisters and no brothers. I was the baby with two older sisters until I was 10 and my little sister was born. My older sister’s friends would all call me “manish” with a negative connotation and a smile, usually after I tested my pre-teen mack on them. Unfortunately my sisters and their friends were what we called back then “fast”, so I got “lucky” a few times. Additionally I was very close to my grandmother who owned two houses, ours and the one she lived in next door to us. My grandmother wasn’t a whirlwind, she was a firecracker. Wow she’ll beat you across the noggin with brutal honesty. She lived with me during the final years of her life, and she virtually chased my first wife out of my house. In that regards, she wasn’t a firecracker, she was a stick of dynamite. As an adult, I found women to reinforce my negative perception, which in turn caused me not to be the best demonstration of a man.

One day when I was around 20 years old, we were all discussing a serious family problem and trying to figure out what we should do. I was quiet and listening as usual. Being in a house filled with strong women made me quiet and subdued. It was either be that, crazy or sexually confused.  My mother said “I don’t know what we are going to do”, I heard my grandmothers voice echo the same sentiment. The room got quiet, unusually quiet. I looked up to discover they all were peering at me with a question mark floating above their heads. At that moment I realized that I was the man of the family. The baton had been passed and I had to step up and learn to lead quickly.

My experiences lead me to think that women can do anything. They are tough, resilient and my equal.  They know what they want and they will get it one way or the other regardless of the participation of a man. I had a great deal of superficial respect for women. I eventually learned that deep down on a subconscious level I didn’t respect them at all. See, in my situation I witnessed problems arise, I witnessed how these women handled them and to what end.  This made me feel that, yes they are strong enough to tackle all problems. Yet they tend to go about it the wrong way. Many of the women in my life made their problems worse before they made them better. So interpersonal relationships with women laid heavy on my heart due to this unnecessary struggle regardless of how obvious the right path was. To not have strong men in my life or the lives of my family did not show me the way to deal with women or life’s issues, rather it be right or wrong.

My emotional scar is manifested through a low tolerance for “illogical, unnecessary BS” from anyone, especially women.  Yet the being able to stick in there when the going gets tough is exactly what a woman needs.  Hell, that’s what everyone needs from that special someone.  So our success within relationships is directly impacted by our emotional resilience.  Too bad manhood is so fragile.

Running from Bullshit

Running from Bullshit

I love to be with women, it is a comfort, but if I love to be with them but I don’t want to put up with the “BS” I’m a walking contradiction. This lead me to have superficial relationships where women could not dump their crap on me. I may not have been the President, but I was a card carrying member of “The afraid of commitment club”, for men.

The challenge in today’s world is to learn how to be a strong, fair and willing leader of a household, despite the examples that we were given as children. We have to fight an internal battle to be that person of virtue. We must fight to cultivate relationships only with persons of virtue. We must fight to raise our children with an example of man and women appreciating each others virtues.

Till next time, please share if you will, your thoughts regarding virtuous people in your life. Do you look for it, do you have it? This will inspire me in my writing of “Virtue of a Woman- Part Two”

Live hard, think deep, love hard & deep,