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Dating #5+

smerfsOn your first date play the game, “What was your childhood favorite”.  Some questions should be: What was your favorite cartoon, sandwich, drink with sandwich.

On a future date 5+, ask her on a picnic. Pack the basket yourself. Pull out a laptop with her favorite cartoons downloaded on it. Pull out her favorite sandwich and drink.


Date #3

Cook for her

Cook for her


Dating don’ts

dead-dateWhile  on a date I hate it when…..

Add your bad experiences, date killers and dating pet peeves on the comments section


Sex on the first date

kiss-dateMen, if a woman has sex with you on the first date do you lose respect for her or instantly put her in the hoe category?  Women, have you ever held out just because you wanted to maintain respect even though you really wanted to go there?


Is there anything wrong with two adults doing what adults do, on the first date?  How may that affect your perception of each other?  In my opinion, most of us have or will live a wholesome lifestyle and a more adventurous lifestyle during brief or rotating phases in our lives.  Just because you met her and she was living without inhibitions, may not mean that she is a hoe that can’t be turned into a housewife.   Or if he was sowing his royal oats at one point may not mean that he is incapable of being your everything.


Some men have what it takes to get women in bed quicker than other men.  So given individual skill-sets, men tend to have varying batting averages.  If it normally takes you a long while to get to that intimate level with women, you probably struggle with making a women feel comfortable and sexy.  You may need to focus on building trust and exuding sensuality without the pervert overtone.  This is a difficult balancing act if it doesn’t come naturally, but well worth the effort.


I tend to focus on romance and emotional connections and never focus on sex.  On average, women view sex as an expression of something deeper.  Hence, if we men focus on the deeper points, then sex will naturally follow.  Given this, I rarely think of sex on the first date as being a negative reflection of her.  It often times represents the deeper connection that we may share.   The question afterwards is, “where do we take this connection from here?”


Date Ice breaker 1 – Ten random things about me

talking1. I am sometimes  scared of the dark

2. I love to read, I have over 300 books on my bookshelf

3. I wet the bed until I was 11

4. I’m afraid of love, but I fall easily

5. I am a reality junkie- I record almost every freakin reality dating show

6. My ultimate goal in life is to get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

7. My juvenile felony record is sealed

8. I went to Madrid and Paris when I was 16 for foreign language class

9. I’ve been know to have a bit of road rage

10. My all time favorite show and game is MASH

11. I curse way to fucking much

12. I sometimes go too far, hence this list of 10 is actually a list of 12


Dating cost – General rule


Date number #1 – Coffee, juice bar, drinks, the beach. Spend no more than 3 hours of wages or $50.

Date number #2 – If date #1 had an inconclusive emotional connection, repeat #1. If there was a good connection, Spend 4 hours of wages or $75.

Date number #3 – If you are really feeling this woman and she has given you a reason to think she is feeling you, and not just using your money for entertainment on a Thursday night, Spend as much as you want.

Date number #4 – There is no date #4. She must ask you out and offer to pay. If she doesn’t pay by date #4 you may visit, hang out with her and meet her places and go dutch on the bill. If she questions you about paying, tell her that you don’t want to interfere or interrupt her independence, and you want to give her an opportunity to prove that money is not an object between you.


Delve into her subconscious – Our song


When you first begin to get to know her, make a CD of 2 romantic songs. Play it once or twice every time you are with her for the first 4 or 5 dates. Consciously, but not obviously, be attentive to her when those songs play. Hold her hand, complement her, kiss her hand or neck, look at her deeply in admiration.

On your way to drop her off one night, play the CD, pull over on a quiet street, walk around to her passenger door, open it, take her hand and help her out of the car, ask her “May I have this dance?” Slow dance on the spot. Softly sing the words in her ear and change the words to include her name.


Dating Quote – Thoughts that make you go hmmm

I need a man who is family-oriented. One who can be the leader, protector and provider to the lives entrusted to him by God. I need someone whom I can respect…In order to be submissive, I must respect him. And by the way, I am not looking for him….he will find me.



Dinner on the beach

Team up with a trusted buddy. He’ll assist you and you return the favor. While on a date with a very special lady, take her for a walk on the beach. As you walk past the sunset you two will approach a small round table with white linen, votive candles and floral center piece. A waiter (your friend that she doesn’t know) standing beside the table with dinner-beacha cloth draped over his forearm. Don’t look or say anything until she comments. Then walk to the table and pull out her seat for her.

After you sit, your buddy pops a bottle of wine for your tasting. Once you approve of the bouquet and pleasant palatability, the waiter pours you both a glass. He removes the plate covers to reveal a wonderful meal.


Thank you for your present of presence. I look forward to the next gift.

noteSend her a note after your first date


Don’t forget the simple things