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Addicted to fixes

People today, to put it simply are screwed up. We have a million dating sites of people looking for the same thing- a connection. However, if we have all these people looking for the same thing, why do we have these sites? Our country is so fast paced and driven for the next stimulant; whether it is waiting for our phone to buzz with a new text or someone to comment on our facebook status. All this artificial crap has seeped into the home and is destroying families. Read moreRead more


My God given purpose for your life

God is love.  Just like our natural father, he wants to protect us and give us all that we need.  He also wants that love in return; unforced but by unfettered will.  He knows that we need the comfort of the touch.  So just as he sent Eve to Adam, he sent me to you. To do the job that he wants me to do for you. Every time I love you, I fulfill my God given purpose for your life. But what if I slap the shit out of you? Did God send that? Probably not.


love creates focus, focus creates blind spots


Daily Questions for the Mirror

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you about?
  3. What’s your most recent evidence?

 Principal Baruti Kafele


Players Gamblers Thugs Bums and all around great guys

People are what they are.  It is your job to figure out which one he is; it is not your job to change him. But you are going to try anyway.


The more money you make at work the more stress you have. But the less money you make at work the more you stress.

I’ll take the former.


Hurt people tend to hurt people


I may be chauvinistic

Male chauvinism is a term used to describe the belief that men are superior to women. Men who believe or display an attitude that women are inferior to men, speak to women as inferiors, or treat women negatively based solely upon their gender.

I may be chauvinistic, but that applies to the areas that men need to be strong. I am also Female chauvinistic, in dealing with the strength, courage and skills that women “should” possess. The problem is when men don’t consistently display the traits that make them “superior”. These are the times that women feel that men don’t deserve to benefit from the strengths they bring to the table. So the point of the matter is that everyone needs to flex their superiority muscles while simultaneously respecting the opposite sex’s superiority. But when one or both are lacking, it just won’t work right.


In life

Pain is required…but misery is optional


Success & Happiness is directly correlated to your ratio of Good decisions over bad decisions