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Jay”O” Speaks – Album release

 Mr. Jay’O Speaks

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I survived to tell the story, but really I died to be revived for his glory…

His will be done in the midst of pain suffering and crying.

You see, Jesus teaches us the final lesson before dying.


A lesson before dying – by J “O” Speaks



My God

jesus-carriesI define religion as man’s interpretation of divine existence.  This is a way for man to get comfortable with living with the unknown.  The alternative is living in fear.  God heals fear.  While you walk through the valley of death, you will fear not.  As you lay on your death bed, you will fear not.  For God is your answer…beholden unto peace.

Regardless of if you pray to Saints, Jesus or Allah; if it brings you peace at heart and harmony with nature, it is complete.


You will never feel more alive than when you live the dream God created you for

Daily Mantra from Mary J. Blige


Mary J. Blige (born January 11, 1971), an American singer, record producer, and actress. Awarded the World Music Legends Award for combining Hip-Hop and Soul. “The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul”

MJB is the Founder of the Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN), which aims to help all women gain the confidence and skills they need to reach their full individual potential.

The Mission of FFAWN is to inspire women from all walks of life to gain the confidence and skills they need to reach their individual potential. Their

With a tumultuous start and an ever growing persona which is evedent in her music, MJB serves as an example of the growth that all people (not just Black women) need to seek within their own lives. For being that example, she is a invaluble Black hero…”You go girl”


Selling your soul to the Devil

fire-demonWhen we think about “selling your soul” we think of some pact that is made in a dark place with a beady eyed shady character. We think of greedy immoral people who take their own blood as ink to a long contract that they have not read, let alone the fine print. We think these people are mega stars, powerful politicians and masters of the universe CEO’s.

That could not be further from the truth. We have to realize that almost each day presents us with a contract. Each person we meet may represent the devil. No matter how petite, soft spoken, cute or honest this person is, they may not know or admit that they are working for the enemy. You know that God works in your life through others…so does the devil. Next time a person presents an opportunity to you, look them in the eye. Take a few days to pray on it, listen to the answer. If you don’t have that relationship with God to hear him, you are in trouble. spirital-hold

Selling your soul may be very subtle. It doesn’t have to be absolute, but the repercussions to your actions can be as slight as a splinter in your finger that you can never pick out. If you look at life in this way, I guarantee that your outcomes will pay much higher dividends.

So, is she working for the devil? Is he a solider of God? Are you?


Haiti – Do not get in the way of my vengeance, said the Lord

ascentt1I got up early the morning after the earthquake in Haiti to pray. As my prayer partner and I began to cry out for worldwide relief and support, miraculous rescues, protection for missionaries/orphans and the immediate needs of the people; the Lord interrupted our flow. Clearly I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Do not get in the way of my vengeance!” Though we continued to pray for the humanitarian cause, we could not overlook the spiritual implications of the situation. My heart breaks for the needs of the people in Haiti as a result of the earthquake but the truth is, thehatian-voodoo problem in Haiti is deeper than was has happened this week. My husband and I went to Haiti last summer. It was a trip that changed my life. It is true that, in America we are rich in the poorest of slums in comparison to the living conditions in Haiti.

I was not surprised to see how prevalent religious spirits were in a country that has been dedicated unto voodoo. Read moreRead more