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What Social contract have you signed?

As children we live in the freedom of wonder. All we do is a first for us.  Taste, feel cold and hot. We learn. Our parents are our Universe, we shall be so lucky that they show us a broad universe of books, colors, shapes, science and adventure. We soon leave that behind to experience life out from under their wing. We step with false boldness in that we seek to cling to new found friends for comfort.

The freshman contract- As we begin to live for our new hormones our parents voices quickly fade as we replace them with voices of peers who accept us and give us a new sense of belonging and understanding. We sign a freshman contract that may tell us that purple hair, tattoos and Lil Wayne are cool. Talking about the blind leading the blind. This is the process of finding one’s self. A lot is riding on what contract we sign. Read moreRead more


Addicted to fixes

People today, to put it simply are screwed up. We have a million dating sites of people looking for the same thing- a connection. However, if we have all these people looking for the same thing, why do we have these sites? Our country is so fast paced and driven for the next stimulant; whether it is waiting for our phone to buzz with a new text or someone to comment on our facebook status. All this artificial crap has seeped into the home and is destroying families. Read moreRead more


Jay”O” Speaks – Album release

 Mr. Jay’O Speaks

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I survived to tell the story, but really I died to be revived for his glory…

His will be done in the midst of pain suffering and crying.

You see, Jesus teaches us the final lesson before dying.


My God given purpose for your life

God is love.  Just like our natural father, he wants to protect us and give us all that we need.  He also wants that love in return; unforced but by unfettered will.  He knows that we need the comfort of the touch.  So just as he sent Eve to Adam, he sent me to you. To do the job that he wants me to do for you. Every time I love you, I fulfill my God given purpose for your life. But what if I slap the shit out of you? Did God send that? Probably not.


1 night stand 24 hour day’s list

Each morning write one to two goals that you want to accomplish that day. Each night before going to bed, write down if you accomplished your day’s goal. In one sentence write why/why not. After a month, look over your list and the truth about you may be shown in the pattern. Your priorities will scream back at you. With that information, you may want to look at your priorities of what and why certain things have the power to effect your day/life. Life is too short to get it wrong. Tomorrow is not promised.


love creates focus, focus creates blind spots


Ms. Rose’s granddaughter

belt-buckleOne night I stayed at my grandmother’s friend Ms Rose’s house.  My grandmother had to work late and was to pick me up late that night.  I was 15.  Ms Rose had her 7 or 8 year old granddaughter over too.  Ms Rose had left me and the little girl in the living room to watch TV.  I was lying on the floor in front of the TV.  The little girl came over to me and sat down beside me and started to unbuckle my pants. 

WTF… I was shocked.  Read moreRead more


Daily Questions for the Mirror

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you about?
  3. What’s your most recent evidence?

 Principal Baruti Kafele


Have you ever been SCANDALOUS???


I’ve received a bit of hater mail as of lately. The hater mails all seem to point to the notion that I think I’m some kind of expert, falsely perfect or that I’m saying I got all the answers. Quite contraire…I’m just as lost as everyone else. This site is just a light to help guide not only my readers, but me too. I don’t have answers to give; I just have suggestions to share. Given the fact that we all have, or have had a dark side, I’m reserving this article for those of us who have something SCANDALOUS to share. Anonymously place comments below that exhibits how scandalous you have been in the past. Change the names to protect the guilty.


A lesson before dying – by J “O” Speaks