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Conblackulations- How does it feel to no longer be a minority?

November 4th, 2008 – A great day in American history


Obama’s grandmother and my dad

obama-tears1Originally  published 11/3/08  
Barack Obama’s grandmother, whose personality and bearing shaped much of the life of the Democratic presidential contender, has died, Obama announced Monday, one day before the election. Madelyn Payne Dunham was 86. Obama announced the news from the campaign trail in Charlotte, N.C. “She’s gone home,” “And she died peacefully in her sleep with my sister at her side. And so there is great joy as well as tears. I’m not going to talk about it too long because it is hard for me to talk about.”

While I’m sitting in my office at 4:55 p.m. working myself into a flurry, I hear people talking outside of my office about the death of Obama’s grandmother. Even though I’m fighting timelines, I pause my work. Dazed, I pull up the news on-line, I read carefully as tears collect in my eyes. I look out of my window and give a moment to mourn with the Obama family. I fight to hold back tears because I’m at work and I don’t want anyone to walk into my office at this moment. Read moreRead more


Threat to the status quo – 10 things you should know about Obama’s plan

Michael Steele - Chair of RNC

Michael Steele Chair of RNC

The members of the Grand Old Party (GOP) are “Eating each others carcasses” in a power struggle to mount a platform to combat the “evil socialist movement” in the Whitehouse that threatens the status quo of exploitation for the sake of extravagant lifestyles.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

During the 2009 CPAC convention, subtitled “Conservatism 2.0 Conference”, Rush Limbaugh address an audience of Standing Ovation happy republicans. He advised them that they deserved the wealth that they worked so hard to create for themselves, and no one, including President Obama who desires so much to be in that very class of people, should attempt to throw a guilt trip on them.

Under President Obama’s tax plan, a family earning $500,000 will see an increase of $11,300 in taxes this year. They either disregard this slight change or they feel that they are going to starve now. But the bottom line is, they worked hard for their wealth and the government is incapable and undeserving of their hard earned money, despite the purpose. Realistically, the class of people whose wealth is little affected by this crisis stands to benefit greatly if the current structure is allowed to go bankrupt. They can go on a wealth building run by buying assets and companies at a discount.

Want to see what real change looks like?
Well, here it is. Last week, President Obama unveiled his budget—his blueprint for America—and it’s ambitious, amazing, and unapologetically progressive.

10 things you should know about Obama’s plan:

1. Makes a $634 billion down payment on fixing health care that will go a long way toward paying for a more efficient, more affordable health care system that covers every single American. Read moreRead more


Obamanomics – “We the People” can solve this crisis better than any bailedout CEO

Given the reaction of businesses and households to the recent Government intervention plans, I’ve rethought the next approach. There are three options for bailout money; give to businesses, give to households or give to State governments. The next question is which businesses, households or States should receive these funds. What if we gave the American public the power to determine what companies deserves money through regular mall purchases. The power of the households at the cash register is more powerful than any ballot box.

Our problems stretch across so many industries because of the rapid business growth. Businesses are currently bigger than U.S. households can support with cash or credit. As long as households were spending beyond their cash holding, due to increasing property values, businesses grew. Now if the government supports the current business model of over heated overhead to stave off layoffs, we will not fix the problem, just delay the inevitable shrinkage. Especially given the fact that the American people need to take a financial management course that emphasizes the killing only what you can eat and saving a strong nest-egg. 

People are not spending money due to fear of lay offs, hence the consumer sentiment index is lower than it has been in its 41 year history. Unlike Reaganomics of the 1980’s, which gave concessions to the wealthy and businesses in order to give them a greater ability to provide jobs, Obamanomics is a term created by political pundits that places the concessions with the majority of the American middle class. Instead of top down politics, Obamanomics contemplates a bottom up approach where the vast majority of Americans are empowered to create their own opportunity as opposed to waiting on the slave owners to have money left over from yacht and personal jet purchases to throw us a bone.   $400 billion should go directly to households… Read moreRead more


He has replaced our excuses with an example

His father left him before he was 2 years old.  His mother was a single mom, once on food stamps. At times he was raised by his “Big Mama”.  He is accomplished, distinguished and thoughtful hearted.  He is married to his “baby mama”. His qualities and ability to commit to something greater than he, has delivered to him a strong woman, loving children, a prestigious degree and control of the greatest country on Earth.  He has replaced our excuses with an example.  

God bless the Obamas and the United States of America…


Economics 2009 – What to expect

Within the first quarter we will inaugurate the first African American President. He gets to jump right in to a brewing pit of fire snakes. The biggest economic shake up of the first quarter of ’09 will be the bankruptcies of many major retailers; this will have a ripple effect on the lower middle class who depend on such service jobs. Christmas sales were not a savior as they are normally.

I have been sickened to my stomach at the rapid pace of retail outlet openings over the past 3 years. Read moreRead more


The Economic crisis of 2008

What should Congress do? What shall President Elect Obama do? Should we bail out this industry, how about that industry? I must say, as an Economist I have many opinions but I’ve been reluctant to post them on my blog due to the fact that I think opinions are like noses and a. holes, ever body has one. I believe the choices are quite obvious once all the data is compiled. The problems are that each solution has losers that will fight against that solution. People always vote their interest over the interest of the nation. So if unemployment drops to 1%, is that good? Yes it’s great for the nation, but it sucks majorly if you are part of the 1% who are unemployed.

Auto industry:
I’d suggest giving a set amount of loans to Ford and GM. Restrict the use of funds to salaries of lower management and below employees. This will build an additional incentive for the labor union to compromise on salaries and layoff numbers. Those decision will shape how far the government loans will stretch. Everyone from the assembly line workers to the CEO were all overpaid at the big three. Instead of being more efficient and developing innovation that consumers can appreciate, they were busy paying each other. That must stop in order to be positioned as a viable option for the American auto consumer. Despite their international sales and fleet sales to government agencies, they still are unable to muster a profit.             Read moreRead more


Obama asked me “What’s your cause?”

As a contributor-volunteer I was surveyed by They asked the following questions – How would you like to see this organization move forward in the months and years ahead? And how would you like to be engaged as a volunteer and organizer?:

I would like Obama to have a new grassroots initiative every quarter that is publicized through news outlets and his web-site. These quarterly initiatives are fund raisers for a particular cause. This will be an alternative to higher taxation. It gives Americans an option to direct Government funds to the initiatives they want. Hence, if they don’t want their tax dollars used for a particular initiative, they will not participate. Those who want to help fund certain programs have the ability to donate a single or a monthly contribution. This will reduce taxes and the participation is in direct relationship to American’s interest in the resolution. It also puts to rest many conservative’s argument against income redistribution. Each initiative will have its own link from Each link will have a program description as well as a monthly progress and results report with full transparency. News broadcasters may investigate the results as Americans help Americans willingly. To keep cost low, private industry may bid on certain functions as long as they meet community building parameters such as hiring from within the served community. The initiatives will also utilize volunteers and interested youth for paid internships to pay for higher education or student loan forgiveness. We should want all Americans to have contributed to at least one cause. This will enhance the effort to engage Americans in actively promoting social change. A common question among Americans will be, and the question I pose to you is “What’s your cause?”


One big deal!


Is November 4th the end of the Civil rights movement?

What started on a bus on December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama may be finally coming to a close very soon. What will happen to the Black struggle on 11/4/08? What will those angry poets rant about? How will comedians change their punchlines? What excuse will Pookie give as he does his 8 hour shift outside the liqua sto? Will the white man still be holding Pookie down? Does 11/4/08 mark the end of the Black struggle in America?

The Television in the food-court in downtown was airing Colon Powell’s Obama endorsement as I walked in last week. My natural reaction was to pop my chest out. correct my posture and stride harder. I felt a sort of curl of confidence occur on my lips as I grin. At that moment I was hit with the reality not only of a potential Black president, but there is another highly respected and influential Black man being listened to regarding this event.

I’ve fought a very personal battle of self doubt due to my race, I’ve fought to ensure my son never will blame his race for any abuses he may experience. My intellect has battled with social injustices, and the weight that black people talk about to the dismay of white America. But let me tell you, even if white America has absolutely nothing to do with the internal baggage that Black people carry, I must attest to the fact that it is a real and live burden. It may only live in the collective minds of Blacks due to the struggles that were had by their elders and the mounting obstacles that many of us face. Even as a successful black man, I’ve left many of my childhood friends behind. 11/4/08 may be the best answer to the lifting of this cross that we bare. I welcome it with open arms, heart and mind.

Some white Americans may be swayed to heal the racist elements of their hearts if Obama can win and truly represent his creed despite his race. Some white (mid-western) Americans may drown in additional hatred as they state, “Those uppity nigga’s need to remember their place”. That same racial frustration felt by some whites is the closes comparative to the racial disparity that Black people have endured. The difference between the two frustrations are that white bigots may feel regarding Blacks, “They are unworthy”. Just as Black people have felt, “They think I’m unworthy”. They both are negative burdens that are carried within the heart that act as a weight of self mental oppression.

Despite any change in white America, I guarantee that Black people all across this country will feel different, better, stronger, less disenfranchised, included, heard and considered. I hope this change will not come at a cost of white America feeling slighted or robbed as if inclusion is a piece of a limited amount of pie that they had to give up to the enemy. Yet this pie can increase in size and scope without taking away from anyone. We should all get a slice and a cup of milk to accompany it. I hope this burden of hate and doubt can be lifted from us all.

Most historians say that Civil rights movement was well over by 1980. I could agree in the sense that Republican Reaganomics ruled the 80’s and that the 70’s were so hard on Black people that they stopped uniting and begin fracture into either the assimilated or the fallen by the waist-side. Blacks were too divided to fight a common battle. They were culturally exhausted from the civil rights movement, the sexual revolution and the drug epidemic. But just because they weren’t punching, bobbing and weaving doesn’t mean they were not still in the boxing ring. Black people have been oppressed in many corners of the world, and every time they obtain their independence, things get worse way before they get better. We saw it in the rapid deterioration of the Black family at the end of the Civil rights movement. We saw it in South Africa and in Jamaica. Black Americans must take this moment in history and learn from history to receive the greatest gain of this era.

Let us pray for peace of mind for all