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War vs. Terrorism

Most wars of the world are over control over material wealth.   We want their water supply, their minerals, their labor or their oil.  We can’t negotiate an affordable trade, so we take it.  Emperors are painted as power hungry war mongers.  Their painted images reflect no teeth, no smiles of joy. They are the riches of their region, yet their historical images state, “Don’t Fudge with me” I’m the strongest, most fierce ruler and any challenge of my authority will be bet with an iron fist.

As people split and divide throughout history, their beliefs and customs change.  Rulers tended to use the religious cloth to shape submission in the masses.  These various beliefs divided the masses and cultures shaped around such beliefs.  Regardless of one’s beliefs, it was common that men should be able to protect their families, and parents should be able to feed and provide for their offspring.  Yet the divide of the land and socio-political structure would create additional inequities in the distribution of resources.  Read moreRead more


The Healthcare Debates – Problems – Solutions

Debate 1:        Is access to quality healthcare a right or a privilege

Debate 2:        Should health insurance be a purchase mandate for all citizens

Debate 3:        Should pre-existing conditions be covered under new insurance coverage

Debate 4:        Should insurance companies have death panels that may deny coverage for expensive catastrophic procedures


Insurance companies do not provide healthcare.  They are middle-men that drive-up healthcare cost due to mandated reserve funds, salaries for employees, executives, as well as profit seeking investors.  Their main profit protection is the screening of customers and limiting high risk patients access to insurance coverage. Read moreRead more


Individualistic people on Team Capitalism

We’ve discussed the individualism of the U.S. culture. Yet the dissidence to that notion is that American Capitalism is a team sport. So how can a bunch of individualist form strong and competitive teams?  This is an example of the Chess rules they inject into our game of checkers.  Many of us don’t quite understand how to play this capitalist game, and we end up at the bottom rung.

As we fill out an employment application or hand over our resume it is a question that we ask, “May I join your team?” Yet the gatekeepers have a particular type of person they are looking for in each available position.  If they are looking for a running back and you are slow… If they are looking for a Center and you are short…  If they are looking for a person with a bubbly people person personality, and you are a introverted tech person…

Each team has a gatekeeper.  The gatekeeper’s job is to screen people from entering or exiting their team.  For example, a human resources manager is a gatekeeper for the corporate team.  They have a list of all the qualifications for each position, they manage the corporate culture and personality traits that are required for entry.  Another example of a gatekeeper is a high school math teacher.   The grade that she assesses you earned in her class is gatekeeper responsibility that determines if you move up, get to graduate or if you gain access to college.

Life is filled with gatekeepers, and many people don’t realize this fact until it is too late. They have failed in the eyes of many gatekeepers and find themselves underqualified to join teams that grant the reward that we desire.

It is easy to get the impression that American culture is individualistic and lose the idea of the team effort. The first and most important team that anyone will be a part of is family.  If one is born into, or creates a strong family team environment, they have an advantage.  Yet, often times parents team building skills are contingent upon the family team they were raised in. It is to the advantage of each young adult to objectively assess their childhood to accentuate the positive and admonish the negative to ensure an expanding legacy.


The second team a person enters into is one that is designed by the government. Thus through this team government has the right, option and power to influence all citizens’ outcomes.  Schools are funded and managed by government employees.  Their focus is education of the 3 r’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).  So there is a delineation of responsibility between the first team and the second teams impact on the lives of our youth.  The family team is responsible for prepping students for academic success.  The second school team is to create the academic success. Read moreRead more


Racism in America: A psychological approach

Racism is arguably a very significant problem in America, yet some people deny its existence or impact.

The study of the existence of racism is a sociological conversation. Yet the answer to racism in America does not exist within the field of sociology. The discussion may lie with political pundits, yet the answer is not within political science. Economics is the leading cause of racism, yet correcting economics will not end racism. This is why a person’s economic status does not resolve his exposure to racist activities.

Sociology studies what is happening and why.  Political science is the game of power grabbing. Economics is the study of how society accumulates and distributes its scarce resources, and in America there is a positive correlation between being Black and being poor. Yet knowing Black history will not change the future of racism. The real answer to racism is within the field of psychology.  The Psychology of the 310 million American minds is where the answers are.

So what is the psychology of racism?  It is the psychological possession of an inferiority or a superiority complex. Read moreRead more


Do Black lives matter?

I can't breathe1619 to 1865 The African slave had no rights as humans or citizens.

1867 to 1965 The slave system was replaced by Jim Crow laws which limited Negro’s opportunities to grow financially by way of institutional lock-out of prerequisite assets and knowledge.

Prior to slavery, African tribal warfare and intertribal indifference was exploited as Africans captured other Africans and offered them to European slave traders at the coast of Africa.  On these slave ships were hundreds of Africans who were not Africans by “Nationality.” To the contrary, they were a variety of country/tribal persons with vast differences in cultures and beliefs.  They may have united given their common servitude, or they may have been mortal enemies throughout their lifetimes regardless of their captivity. Read moreRead more


How can racism exist when the two most powerful men in the country are Black?

obamaholdetDear Econ 4 class, I’ve taught this course for about ten years now and one of the topics of current U.S. economic system is the institutional racism that is woven into the fabric of this nation.  The writing is more on the wall than ever within those ten years.  I don’t really feel it is my current job to teach you that racism exist.  The main reason for that is two fold.  Firstly, if you don’t know it exists by now, there is nothing I can do or say that will make you change your mind.  Secondly, if you do feel as if racism does not exist, and thing everyone who believes they feel oppressed is crazy, that mere thought process is evidence to the fact.  So this year, I will be considerate of those who wish to not deal with or live in ignorance of the factual historical and current phenomenon.

So for those who say that the two most powerful men in America are African America stands as proof to the contrary, I say, if that is what you choose to believe, be my guest.  Read moreRead more



I think college should be free for everyone.  At the very least, give students an option to pay tuition as they attend, or the FREE option. All State subsidized State schools such as City colleges and Cal States tuitions are paid by tax payers due to heavy subsidies. Yale, Stanford, USC, Long Beach City College, El Comino Community College and UNLV.  Let everyone in.  Why not?   Schools have different tuitions due to perceived prestige which locks many lower class people out. Tuitions also reflect  the different learning experience college camouses provide.  In order to attract the top professors, Universities must have the means to pay the instructor more than other schools.  Professors chose to teach at school according to the pay, prestige and quality of students. These all equate to how much money and effort schools spend to accommodate a rich educational experience.  So Universities compete for the best minds to teach at their Universities.  The professors also chose schools to tout an advanced student-body.  The more difficult the admissions process, the academically better the student-body is.  Speaking from experience, most professors wants to teach tomorrow’s leaders, not tomorrow’s average person.  That distinction determines the quality of the professor’s life’s work.  Just as a college coach wants his players to go to the pros.  Currently tuition for poor and lower middle class students are being paid or subsidized by taxes through State schools or government grants.  Upper middle class and wealthy people have to pay tuition directly for their children. These families of means who pay higher tax rates are also paying for other families tuitions through taxation.  Effectively the more one makes, the more one has to pay to educate all of society. 

So how about if colleges have an option to students to not pay tuition upfront, but charge a “payforward”, which is a percentage of lifetime earnings (LTEP) collected through the IRS tax process? Moneies would be routed directly to individules alma mater.  For example, if the two colleges were free, which would you prefer:

USC or Cal State Fresno?  But USC would collect 2.75% of your gross income annually for the rest of your life, and Fresno said they would collect 1.50% of your lifetime earnings?  Do the calculations by figuring what your average annual income would be with a degree from USC, multiplying that by 40 years of income, then multiply that number by .0275 to get your entire tuition.  Then calculate what your expected average annual income would be with a degree from Fresno and multiply that by 40 years of income, and multiply that number by .015. Read moreRead more


Mistrusters, Veterans, Boomers, Hippies & Yuppies

My father was born in 1913. When he was attempting to establish himself, the entire economy collapsed. If any of you were close to elders that lived through that era, one thing you should agree with is that those people had a different opinion, and mistrust of the U.S. banking system. Throughout my life, as I began to take an active roll in my father’s finances, I discovered he did not have a bank account. All of his money was kept in a safe in the floor of his closet. He bought his house in 1948 and paid it off by 1970. Read moreRead more


What Social contract have you signed?

As children we live in the freedom of wonder. All we do is a first for us.  Taste, feel cold and hot. We learn. Our parents are our Universe, we shall be so lucky that they show us a broad universe of books, colors, shapes, science and adventure. We soon leave that behind to experience life out from under their wing. We step with false boldness in that we seek to cling to new found friends for comfort.

The freshman contract- As we begin to live for our new hormones our parents voices quickly fade as we replace them with voices of peers who accept us and give us a new sense of belonging and understanding. We sign a freshman contract that may tell us that purple hair, tattoos and Lil Wayne are cool. Talking about the blind leading the blind. This is the process of finding one’s self. A lot is riding on what contract we sign. Read moreRead more


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