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May 23, 2017


War vs. Terrorism

Most wars of the world are over control over material wealth.   We want their water supply, their minerals, their labor or their oil.  We can’t negotiate an affordable trade, so we take it.  Emperors are painted as power hungry war mongers.  Their painted images reflect no teeth, no smiles of joy. They are the riches of their region, yet their historical images state, “Don’t Fudge with me” I’m the strongest, most fierce ruler and any challenge of my authority will be bet with an iron fist.

As people split and divide throughout history, their beliefs and customs change.  Rulers tended to use the religious cloth to shape submission in the masses.  These various beliefs divided the masses and cultures shaped around such beliefs.  Regardless of one’s beliefs, it was common that men should be able to protect their families, and parents should be able to feed and provide for their offspring.  Yet the divide of the land and socio-political structure would create additional inequities in the distribution of resources. 

Ethnicity and the caste system are additional ways to continue the human divide, so resources may continue to be distributed unevenly.  The dehumanization or accentuation of differences are to reduced guilt within the peoples with the most pie, while creating a comfortable dysfunction within the deprived group. The deprived group is forced to learn to survive off crumbs, which becomes an insurmountable fact. Yet the side effects are self-hate, crime, disdained apathy, jealousy, revolt and terrorism.

The war against terrorism is an ongoing byproduct of capitalism.  This occurrence is heightened when a regions culture has rejected capitalism or is based on other principles, yet the leadership moves forward in negotiating with capitalist nations for the exploitation of assets within that country.  Exploitation with no representation, coupled with the westernization of a culture that resist western ideals becomes enraging and offensive to tradition.

The voiceless gets restless and the powerlessness turns to terrorism.  As westerners build monuments of lavish entertainment and appear to enjoy the sinful fruits of other nations resources, they become targets for meager stonings and suicide bombings.

Whenever you face an opposing force, you must ask yourself, what, why and how is this force opposing me.   Is it my parents, my religion, my government, my rival schools football team, or is it a people in a different corner of the globe who doesn’t even know or care that I exist?  Next, attempt to evaluate their life’s realities and their prospective.  Yet be cautious of your source of information.  Remember news outlets are often propagandized to protect the ideology of the powers that have created this oppresive opposition.

In the middle of the day, terrorism is wrong. Killing the innocent is never justified.  We reserve the end of the day for a better grasp of what and why life is, based on facts of what life has been historically.  Terrorism is no more or less wrong than mass death through commissioned war.. But if your side is benefiting and winning, all is right in the world… Right?

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  1. Beatriz Temores Garcia
    May 31 2017

    The side of effects mentioned in this article: self-hate, crime, disdained apathy, jealously, volt and terrorism are frightful but the current reality that we are living. The taking of resources and division of people has lead to restlessness and acts of terrorism. I greatly agree with the point made that terrorism is wrong and never justified. I also agree with the point that terrorism is no more or less wrong death through war. But the harsh and upsetting reality is that everyone wants to be on the winning team and this is the third point made in this article. I believe this is the biggest point made. We all want more and better resources, commodities, wealth, rights, privileges at the expense of others. The most important thing to remember and as mentioned in this article is that we must be critical of what we hear, see and read. We need to stop believing everything that we see on social media and instead do our due diligence in getting informed and fact checking before anything else. Most people are now very lazy and/or ignorant of what is going on in our own world because they are more concern on spending hours checking and responding to their social media. Instead of having personal interaction they can’t put town the technology.

  2. Karina C
    May 31 2017

    No matter what side you are on or how you wish to view it terrorism is war. All of it is wrong. Of course we all want to be on the winning side, no one wants to suffer. Originally most all terrorist groups started as the voiceless, powerless and poor who wanted to be heard. Now they are being heard, they have millions of dollars that support their terror but they still don’t stop. Why? Because of power. They want to “control the world” they want to force people to believe their way is the right way. No matter what is done or how we try to bring peace, people are set in their ways and this will never stop as long as there is hate. If we can’t stop it here at “home” in America how can anyone else do better? How can we help others to do better? Nothing in this world will ever be right if people continue to hate and bash. Some mock the traditional beliefs of God/Christianity but if we all could take a step back and see where we are headed and how bad things are going, I don’t think going back to “traditional” beliefs is a bad thing. People might then have a sense of remorse and guilt. It will help them think twice on what they are planning on doing. I’m not saying force it upon everyone but looking back things weren’t as bad as they are today. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion this is just mine.

  3. Chrispal Singh
    May 31 2017

    This article presents many interesting points, how capitalism and exploitation is no worse than terrorism. What I seemed to notice is that as humans we lack the ability to perceive perception and also fear to ask questions Why would we bother to question our authoritative government if the life we live is good. Even if they cause damage and suffering in other places to make our lives better. Terrorism and war are the same in my view as well, the end result is people dying based on beliefs of people in power. The United States history is a great example of imperialism or manifest destiny in order to get the wants while using religious interpretations in their favor.

  4. Adam Garcia
    Jun 1 2017

    War vs. Terrorism

    Let’s face it, war and terrorism go hand in hand. In fact, you may argue that terrorism is the precursor to war. How many times have we almost gone into war due to terrorism. The sad truth is, terrorism is she prevalent in our times at the moment. It’s almost lost is shock value, now it’s at the point where everyone is like “oh s**t” what’s going to happen now”, war? Neither is right, I can without a doubt state war is wrong and so is terrorism. The mass death of people is wrong regardless, nonetheless at least with war these people sign up to fight for their respective countries. Now with terrorist attacks there are always innocent bystanders affected, which is just evil. Is being on the winning team really worth the lives of tens, hundreds, even thousands of innocent people? War and terrorism are completely byproducts of greed and capitalism as you mentioned. It’s horrible, and the main take away from this article is be careful in what you believe in. As stated many news casts are full of propaganda, it’s really interesting but also very sad how you can keep up with one story or breaking news topic on multiple news casts and see how each network manipulates it to go with, or against their views to prove a point. To either make someone or something look inferior, or o showcase how this story promotes what they are promoting or something along those lines. Be careful in what you believe in when you hear something and definitely without a doubt think about how an opposing force is affecting you. “You must ask yourself, what, why, and how is this force opposing me.” This internal question will help you conclude a thoughtful and well-rounded stance on the opposing force in question.

  5. Jun 1 2017

    As long as leaders of nations continue to seek out resources and materialistic things, there will always be one side who will get the short end of the stick, and this will lead to tempers flaring and ultimately war. While leaders are suppose to look out for the greater good of their people, they often mistake that with doing what’s best for their country and not what’s best for their people living in it. This in turns leaves people confused and upset about actions taken, and without their leader hearing their opinions some will result to radical movements to get their points across. If wars and terrorism are to stop the nations accross the globe do not need to go on a man hunt for every radical person out there, but instead take a look at the decisions and actions taken for their people to become like that. In doing so they can dissect the issue, communicate with their people, and hopefully come to a resolution or at least an understanding .

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