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War vs. Terrorism

Most wars of the world are over control over material wealth.   We want their water supply, their minerals, their labor or their oil.  We can’t negotiate an affordable trade, so we take it.  Emperors are painted as power hungry war mongers.  Their painted images reflect no teeth, no smiles of joy. They are the riches of their region, yet their historical images state, “Don’t Fudge with me” I’m the strongest, most fierce ruler and any challenge of my authority will be bet with an iron fist.

As people split and divide throughout history, their beliefs and customs change.  Rulers tended to use the religious cloth to shape submission in the masses.  These various beliefs divided the masses and cultures shaped around such beliefs.  Regardless of one’s beliefs, it was common that men should be able to protect their families, and parents should be able to feed and provide for their offspring.  Yet the divide of the land and socio-political structure would create additional inequities in the distribution of resources.  Read moreRead more