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this is what soulmates do

One quiet night after you turn out the lights and before you go to sleep, recite her a story beginning with chapter one, “When I first laid eyes on her”, take the story through to where you are right now. Fill in the intimate details of what captivated you, how nervous you were on the first date, and maybe even the very moment you fell in love with her.

Chapter two, “The small lows pale in comparison to the high heights of our good times” as you explain challenges may attempt to interfere but nothing can come between our love and life long commitment to be supportive in our victories and comforting in our defeats. We understood that when God gets busy, the devil gets anxious.

Chapter three, “As I lay here on my death bed” with the enormous love from our great-great grand children surrounding me in this year 2084 I tell them this story of the greatest love ever. I reminisce about how I always joked with her that I’d outlive her. She died a short while ago. But when she did I had a sky window placed above our bed so that she can look down upon me with protection while I rest. Sometimes in the middle of the night when the moonlight is just right I can see cloud1her perched on a cloud as if it were the hand of God, looking down from the heavens with arms stretched out for me. I comfort her with “Soon baby, soon we will be together again”. From our prior lives, to this life, and on to the next one, we will be together forever, this is what soulmates do. Read moreRead more


June 20th – Our anniversary


My Wedding Vows

Whosoever recognizes and honors the gifts of God, recognizes and honors God himself.  Brandy I honor God as I honor you, my true gift.  This world is abound with ingenuous and ungiving people.  God has blessed me with you, a precious gift of genuine and giving divine sustenance.


I ask God how do I remain worthy of such a gift.  Through prayer, I find the answer is to devote my being to maintaining and remaining  steadfast to being your answer, being your encourager, being your strong and solid rock of love and support from this day forward.

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What Social contract have you signed?

As children we live in the freedom of wonder. All we do is a first for us.  Taste, feel cold and hot. We learn. Our parents are our Universe, we shall be so lucky that they show us a broad universe of books, colors, shapes, science and adventure. We soon leave that behind to experience life out from under their wing. We step with false boldness in that we seek to cling to new found friends for comfort.

The freshman contract- As we begin to live for our new hormones our parents voices quickly fade as we replace them with voices of peers who accept us and give us a new sense of belonging and understanding. We sign a freshman contract that may tell us that purple hair, tattoos and Lil Wayne are cool. Talking about the blind leading the blind. This is the process of finding one’s self. A lot is riding on what contract we sign. Read moreRead more


The disappearance of the nuclear family

Okay, let’s say that we are totally over the nuclear family. No longer do we value mommy and daddy loving and sharing under one roof with one thought of raising healthy balanced leaders of tomorrow. We are now content with the idea that shit happens. She acts so surprised when the pregnancy test is positive, or he cheated on her. But yet and still we move forward with the separation. She’ll go on dating while the kids are with their daddy’s mother, while he is on a date of his own during his weekend.

girl-cryingParents have a responsibility of time and resources to their offspring. If you live together as a cohesive unit, there will be more time and resources going towards common goals. Apart, there are two households to support, two dating lifestyles to support. Both of which create a sacrifice on behalf of the children. Junior has to compete with Uncle Ray for mom’s attention. Little Jennifer has to go without if mom spent an extra $200 on lingerie for Ray’s satisfaction. Lord help us if Uncle Ray thinks Jennifer is pretty. Read moreRead more