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Good daddy bad hubby

Jermaine Harris, I just listened to you on the radio. Divorce In The Black Family was a very interesting subject tonight.  It hit home so much that I’m having a hard time calming down to rest. See, I’m a single divorced woman. My immediate family is filled with twice divorced women.  I’ve often felt that I was cursed by this vicious cycle, being the baby girl born to a mother and four older sisters, all married and divorced, married and divorced. I think my only saving grace was that my mother and father were able to be friends and were able to amicably co-parent me throughout my adolescence.

I agreed with your comment on the radio show that girls need their fathers.  My father took great care of me, but my mother was the stronghold.  My mother was the aggressor of the two. She maintained the control in every aspect of our family.  As the baby girl, born 10 years after my youngest sibling, I often felt like an only child with the exception of the occasional interaction of my nieces, nephews and cousins who were closely the same age as I.  My perception of “men” was greatly influenced by my mother and sisters, in their post-divorce state of mind.  Read moreRead more


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