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Archive for February, 2011


Jay”O” Speaks – Album release

 Mr. Jay’O Speaks

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I survived to tell the story, but really I died to be revived for his glory…

His will be done in the midst of pain suffering and crying.

You see, Jesus teaches us the final lesson before dying.


My conversations with white women

I was at a party when a white girl that had been on my blog approached me and begin to talk about my views on interracial dating that I expressed in an article called “Interracial dating – its not always black and white”.  After reading that article she was quite versed on my view of interracial dating, but she had no comprehension of the motive behind my view. We’ll call her Jenny, she goes on:

“Three of my five ex-boyfriends were Black, and I think that in America you should be free to date whoever you want regardless of race. Jermaine, you are a leader of your people and you should use your voice for good, not for bad ideas, love not hate, equality not discrimination.”

I tried to defend myself with a simple explanation that I have absolutely no problem with interracial couples and that I actually like to see love regardless of how it happens. Jenny was not convinced, and she continued to lean into me hard. I thought she may chill out when my wife arrived, but she didn’t let up at all. Read moreRead more


My God given purpose for your life

God is love.  Just like our natural father, he wants to protect us and give us all that we need.  He also wants that love in return; unforced but by unfettered will.  He knows that we need the comfort of the touch.  So just as he sent Eve to Adam, he sent me to you. To do the job that he wants me to do for you. Every time I love you, I fulfill my God given purpose for your life. But what if I slap the shit out of you? Did God send that? Probably not.


1 night stand 24 hour day’s list

Each morning write one to two goals that you want to accomplish that day. Each night before going to bed, write down if you accomplished your day’s goal. In one sentence write why/why not. After a month, look over your list and the truth about you may be shown in the pattern. Your priorities will scream back at you. With that information, you may want to look at your priorities of what and why certain things have the power to effect your day/life. Life is too short to get it wrong. Tomorrow is not promised.


love creates focus, focus creates blind spots