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What we do for God is all that will last

Quote:  Muhammad Ali


Oxymoron-Raising someone who assumes they are an “adult”

An oxyMORON is an 18 year old who lives with his/her parents but thinks they are grown. Just kidding, but that is an example. The exact example is often the sense of entitlements that young people feel they are due from their parents, and their desire to be independent. The entitlement is based on truth that ceased to exist on the 18th birthday. Yet as parents, we feel that if you are entitled to my food and shelter, then you are dependent. That means “my rules, my way”.

So there is a natural transition period from entitled dependent to independent adult that often causes conflict between the generations. Kids act on their feelings of how they think it should go, which is totally bias, selfish and not fully thought through. They often times have not mastered the self-discipline, focus and sustainability that is required for independence. Parents use their judgment founded on a long history of often right, and sometimes wrong experience.

But the biochemical truth of the matter is that the kid’s frontal lobe is the part of the brain that is considered ones emotional control center and the home to our personality. The frontal lobe is involved in our judgment, motor skills, problem solving, memory, impulse control, initiation and social and sexual behavior. The problem is that the frontal lobe is not fully developed until at least 20 years of age. Read moreRead more



It’s not what you know. It’s not who you know. It’s what who you know, knows about you, that matters most. You can always learn, you can always meet more people, but once your reputation begins to precede you…