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Dear Mother,

Originally published 12/12/2008.  Due to the passing of my mother on Novermber 30, 2009 I am republishing this article to remind us all that time is limited.  We must live and love now.


First and foremost…Happy birthday to you.  Secondly, thank you for all that you’ve done for me.  You gave me life and you raised me with sacrifice and love.  For you I will always be grateful. Yet I send this letter to express my true feelings as no card of Hallmark could be so true and honest.  


I apologize for not being the son that you would like for me to be.  I’ve tried to balance your wants with my needs and there is too much conflict to settle both ends amicably.  Please do not disregard my true apology due to the fact that it is not accompanied by regret.  I don’t regret, yet I accept the way life is for us both together or separate.  If you can live with your demons, and I can not assist you in resolving them, I am under an obligation to embrace all sides of you.  As I battle to banish my own demons, I hope that you can accept me despite.  Ideally we would present a united front against the demons that pose a threat to our family, yet we have been opposed to one another for a long while.  Our ability to share a goal and push towards a common outcome has been tarnished.  Read moreRead more