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Roses Are Red – Add your own poem

red-rosesRoses are red and Violets are blue
This may be common but what does it mean to you
To break it down it is to appreciate the simple things
Beauty of life’s vibrant colors, sweet smells, the way birds sing
The evolution of the living to survive
The borne desire within us to strive
The love that we receive from our mother
The warmth created by being close to one another
No matter the complexities of the cards you are handed
To not enjoy the simple beauties of the world is not recommended
The intensity of the life you live
Is in direct accord to the effort you give
So live every moment with a vigorous passion
Be blessed with every bloom, sunset, and personal interaction
Some Roses are red and few Violets are blue
So take the time to notice them and to your self be true


Eat, Drink & Be Merry


Remember the simple things



I see you at the mall getting your nails done.  You look up and see me as I stand in the window and stare in amazement that I run into you once again. You do not acknowledge me.  You act as if you don’t know me.  You pay for your nail job and exit the mall.  I follow you. You get in your car and glance at me in your rear view mirror as if I’m a stranger passing by.  I run to my car and follow. You see me in your side mirror.  All the while, no expression or acknowledgment.  I wonder where you are leading me, or if you are not leading me at all. 

You make a left, a right and get on the freeway and speed, I race to keep pace.  I catch up and pull up beside you, you look over at me and with no expression you turn back towards the road.  You exit after 6 miles.  You pull into the Ritz Carlton.  As you exit your car, I pass you to find a parking spot close to yours. You look at me with the same look as if I’m an insignificant stranger.  I park and rush to the lobby.  I see you grab a key from the front desk and jump in an elevator.  I run across the huge lobby to catch the elevator doors.  You watch me run towards you as you let the elevator doors close on my fingers. Read moreRead more


When she is talking to you about some random intellectual stuff, get close, look deeply into her eyes and interrupt her with “you are soooo beautiful”

Remember the simple things, they will carry you to the fruition of your promises


Love – Post it

I miss you already. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. Now I understand true love. Have a wonderful day baby. What color panties do you have on? I’m far away, but I’m close at heart. It can’t get any sweeter.  Text me a pic (wink wink). When I get back…IT’S ON!

As you leave out of town on business, take a bunch of post-it notes and place them all over the house.  On her computer, in her car, under the covers on her pillow, on the toothpaste, on the back of the bathroom tissue, give one to her assistant at work to place the on her desk two days after you leave. Give one to your neighbor to put on your front door when she’s at work.


How to rekindle the flame- fake it!

Yep I said it, fake it.  Pretend that you are a Hollywood sex symbol and you are shooting a hot passion filled romance scene.  You will get into it and the sparks will fly.  Ohh yeah, just keep this thought to your self, but let her feel the heat.


“Are you happy?” – Intently listen & Take inventory



Mutual, Deserving & Ready Love

Quote of the week


It is easy to love. It is easy to find someone to love you.  It is hard to find someone you love, who loves you.  Mutual love is possible, but sometimes it feels impossible to find mutual, deserving and ready love. 




Don’t forget the simple things

“Mom, have you ever noticed how happy Dad gets whenever you come home. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been gone, 2 hours or 2 days. There’s just a nicer pitch to his voice. The hug he gives you is always like he hadn’t seen you in weeks.” Surprised by her words, I took a quick glance in the mirror and by the looks of the wrinkles and slightly noticeable gray hair I realized I wasn’t the most stunning item out there. But the feeling of his true and raw love makes me feel like a diamond.



Fight her hangover

sleepingAfter a night on the town partying, set your alarm to 5am, to bring her 2 advil and a big glass of water.



Remember the simple things, take care of her in ways unseen.