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Please Be a Mentor


History of The Pimp Game, Emasculation and Willie Lynch

pimp-statue1The Emasculation of the Black man: Reverse masculinity is a term that I coined to represent the unique situation that plagues the black community. I will explain the development not by chronological order, but starting with the history of “The Pimp Game”. The popularity of the urban Pimp is a result of unemployable men attempting to find manhood in allowing women to degrade themselves in the effort to support him. Masculinity is defined by the ability to protect and provide material comforts and safety. Yet having a woman walk the streets and sell her body for money to bring to a man is not an exhibition of male masculinity. Flashy clothes, over-the-top jewelry and expensive cars where a false extension of a non-existent manhood to mask the fact that pimps were actually punks that exploited their own women with great detriment to their own communities. Read moreRead more


What kind of man are you?

Self-assessment for Men who want a serious relationship

There are three different types of men in this world. The best type is all three in one. That’s a keeper for any women. This is a new account of an old and accurate reality.

The Mandingo- Is a man that can put a woman to sleep after breaking her back.

The Gay man- A Listener, a man who can hold a conversation with genuine interest in empathizing with a woman’s perspective. He gives honest opinions that don’t consider an ulterior motive of sexual conquest, hence the term “gay man” who is without sexual desire for a woman. One who can set aside his attraction to the woman and give advise free of self-interest. He can adjust his responses to account for woman’s sensitivity and not overbear her with manly responses and solutions.

The Old man- Represents a man who is established and financially secure. Normally financially reliable which sustains the appreciation of a women.

If you are a Mandingo, with no other quality, women will use you for sex, but they will not respect you further than the bedroom. Read moreRead more


Secrets to men being faithful Part II

baby-golfAs individuals we are first and foremost accountable to ourselves for ourselves. This is instinctually our nature. We are born selfish and self serving. Try to take a toy from a three year old and he’ll shout “mine!”.  We pick up on clues from our environment regarding the necessity to share and give out of the kindness of our hearts. woods-b1


 It often is falsely assumed that relationships mean that selfishness is placed aside. Oh contraire, it often means that we must put forth greater effort in not getting caught. Yet the actual denouncing of one’s selfishness for the greater good of the health of the relationship, is a sign of maturity and a strong indicator of success.


Now how do we get there? Read moreRead more


Statistics 101

 Lyfe Jennings – Click Image


Daily Questions for the Mirror

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you about?
  3. What’s your most recent evidence?

 Principal Baruti Kafele


Secrets to men being faithful












Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Kwame Kilpatrick, Bill Cosby, Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Antonio Villaraigosa. What do these men all have in common?

For many of us, our lives would be very different if men were as strong as women wished they were, sexually speaking. Many of us would have not been born if daddy wasn’t weak. As well, many of us would have been raised by a mommy and daddy under the same roof if men were not so weak. Read moreRead more


I still love women of my past???

I’m a married man and there are women out there that have a special place in my heart. Am I supposed to be totally resolved of those feelings? Maybe it’s not love, maybe it’s normal. Those feelings were evident and apparent after I got engaged. I think my fear of such a commitment brought raw feelings to surface. Those feelings I believe were the faces of my cold feet. I think they were a part of introspection, am I making the right decision? Is this the right women for me? It’s like when we are faced with death, our entire life really does flash before our eyes. In the face of marriage, my entire dating life flashed before my eyes. Are those visions there to help us evaluate our life and decisions, or is it just the fear of losing the goodness of the memories we hold bottled up within us?

We will never find one person with all the qualities that we want. We have to give up some part of our “perfect person” simply because no one is perfect. We can construct a perfect person by taking parts or characteristics from many ex’s and roll them up in one perfect fantasy husband or wife.

“Dude, if she had the brains of Ariana, the tits of Liz, the ass of Tamara, the sense of humor of Nikki, plus a mute button, I’d be the happiest man in the world!” Read moreRead more