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Never mistake activity for accomplishment

Coach John Wooden


Rulers, Architects & Slaves – Money Power Respect

Blood diamond

Are your people rulers, architects or slaves? There are two opportunities of wealth building and one inopportune option of meager existence:

1. Rulers of original assets discovered or created
2. Servicers to Rulers for professional advisement
3. A subset that does not create substantial personal wealth we will refer to as Non-Substantive Laggard deValued Employees (NSLVE), this term is to depict those who take opportunities of employment to feed their families and pay rents, yet rarely accumulates personal wealth to purchase appreciating assets.

Once you control original assets, you can then exploit it if you infuse intellectual capital, which is the intelligence to harness wealth from the asset. This is the capitalistic race to the next best wave of wealth.  This is where rulers use professional servicers such as architects, engineers and scientist to create additional marketable uses of the assets.  The battle against this force of futuristic opportunity is the current wealth structure that tends to protect its market share by eliminating demand for alternative products and services. The best example of this is the oil industries resistance to alternative fuel sourcing. Read moreRead more


Modern-day Concubine and the fall of the Roman empire

Throughout history man has stored women for his personal adventure, to quench a thirst that appears to be sexual, but is actually much deeper of a thirst than just a mere act. As I watch movies such as The Prince of Persia, and read history books describing the Qing Dynasty, I question. We witness the fantasy of a room filled with beautiful women whose only objective is to appease the King. We men in modern day all feel as if we are Kings in one form or another. We revel in the thought of it all. But is this fantasy unobtainable, or are there men who have such a life? Not in the middle ages, not in the Middle East, not after a Muslim jihad sacrifice, but right here in 2010 on this American soil?

Yes we do. You’d venture to think that the number of women who would subject themselves to such a life are diminishing. With the independence of women, and the less tolerance for male inadequacy, you may guess that concubines are virtually impossible. Even the pimp game has run its course. That industry in Nevada has women who are more times than not, better paid and in more control than their patrons.

The modern day concubine is a strong and independent woman with her own money and is in “full” control of her life. Read moreRead more


Conquer & Competition – What men talk about

In discovering the dynamics of communication between men and women there are two levels to breakdown. The first of which is motivation (selfish or selfless).  The second is collaborative thought (opposed to competitive strategy).

By taking notice to what women talk about between themselves, and listening to the pattern of communication between men, we study their natural consciousness.  Then we examine how men and women communicate with one another, we can better detect what is inherently dysfunctional with our personal outcomes.

Men naturally tend to focus on conquering and competition. Read moreRead more


My Table of Contents of raising children

Family at the African American Heritage Museum

As my children grow into adulthood, I find that I’ve been slipping a bit on my parental responsibilities to give them the perspective they need.  I have to go back to the basics, so the republishing of this article is to serve as a reminder.


I’ve created a table of contents page.  This lists in a systematic order, all the things I want to expose my family to.  It took me a while to get the current table, there were many revisions as I discovered subjects that I wanted my family to address.  The beauty of my plan is that it can be implemented by anyone without conflict in subject matter due to the fact that the parents create the categories.  Hence, each family creates this table of contents according to their values and beliefs.  To start parents should discuss with trusted relatives and friends for their input on creating a list.  The parents should take a sheet of paper and brainstorm on what important topics and experiences should they expose their children to.     


Once you have a table of contents, take it and make it the first page in a three ring binder.  Give each of your children their own three ring binder.  The parents use the list as a reminder, and periodically ask the children to write about a recent experience that the family has shared.   Their age is irrelevant outside of beginning the binder at around 7 to 9 years old.  If they are very young, allow them to draw a picture of what they remember.  Read moreRead more


Players Gamblers Thugs Bums and all around great guys

People are what they are.  It is your job to figure out which one he is; it is not your job to change him. But you are going to try anyway.


It’s the things you learn after you know it all, that count

Coach John Wooden



The more money you make at work the more stress you have. But the less money you make at work the more you stress.

I’ll take the former.