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Hurt people tend to hurt people


I may be chauvinistic

Male chauvinism is a term used to describe the belief that men are superior to women. Men who believe or display an attitude that women are inferior to men, speak to women as inferiors, or treat women negatively based solely upon their gender.

I may be chauvinistic, but that applies to the areas that men need to be strong. I am also Female chauvinistic, in dealing with the strength, courage and skills that women “should” possess. The problem is when men don’t consistently display the traits that make them “superior”. These are the times that women feel that men don’t deserve to benefit from the strengths they bring to the table. So the point of the matter is that everyone needs to flex their superiority muscles while simultaneously respecting the opposite sex’s superiority. But when one or both are lacking, it just won’t work right.


Bitter is

You no longer admit the fact that you genuinely have a want for love. You have not been able to capture and maintain it. You find a pattern of men being interested in you for a limited purpose or a limited amount of time. If you are not satisfied with that indication of your value and you lack the ability to change for the better.


In life

Pain is required…but misery is optional


Use low hanging fruit to practice your juice making skills

Low hanging fruit is the stuff you don’t have to stretch yourself to pick. You don’t have to get a ladder or risk breaking something to obtain it. Low hanging fruit usually doesn’t taste as good. But from my experience I’ve learned that low hanging fruit usually leaves less bad aftertaste. But be very leery of fruit on the ground. That is usually rotting fruit. Every now and then you may find one on the ground that someone just dropped, if you pick it up quick and kiss it up to God, you may be able to save the fruit from rotting.

So everyone should ask themselves two questions: Do I even bother with the low hanging fruit?  And even more importantly: Am I low hanging fruit myself?

Everyone should have there own definition of high and low hanging fruit. Is it determined by looks, financial stability, self-esteem, status, race or inner beauty? If you must, admit to yourself that you are shallow in how you pick your fruit. Just don’t bitch about the frequent bad outcomes of your batch of juice.

Low hanging fruit is a great way to build your confidence and practice your juice making skills, because regardless of the type of fruit, they all want to be picked and squeezed.  Many men that I know only want the fruit from the top of the tree, but rarely have the opportunity to pick one.  They continually walk by low hanging fruit as they wait.  If they are clueless on how to make a great batch of juice, it doesn’t matter if they are getting the top or low hanging fruit.   Once you amass the skill to make great juice, then you can hold out for the best ingredients.  But if you are not a great juice maker, what makes you think you deserve the best fruit? 

Women also hold out and refuse to “settle” for less.  This is usually a great thing, but the same question applies.  I know many women who have been single, are single, and to what I see, will be single for a long time because they don’t take their juice making skills into account.  So we first have to be honest with ourselves.  Secondly, we have to work on us.  And then the top fruit just may fall from the tree right into our laps.

But remember to balance one important point while picking, “substitutes create baggage” (click).


Balancing Attentiveness with manliness – Why men just don’t get it

Attentiveness is defined as thoughtfulness and giving someone special treatment. Manliness can be described as masculinity. So, each man that enters a relationship must contemplate how to balance the two. If he is too attentive, he may lose self respect or respect from his male friends, and even eventually from his woman. Women usually claim that they want a man that is attentive. But the question is, how attentive should he be? This is where women and men clash. see “The Eve Complex” for men getting ran over.

Women often want men to cater to their feelings. But this is often times unrealistic due to the fact that men are emotionally handicapped relative to women. Out of necessity of our God given responsibilities, our emotions have a shut-off valve that is uncontrollable at times. As we mature within a relationship, we attempt to control the flow of emotions to a manageable level. Too much flow of emotions and we start to doubt our own manliness. Too little emotions and our women are less and less satisfied.

Attentiveness comes from an emotional state, thus is a struggle for most men to maintain on a consistent basis. Women’s ability to do this is evidenced by their nurturing nature; this nature also creates a mental barrier to fully understanding the depth of male perceived manliness. This is just one of the frictional points that are common in most romantic relationships, I’m just pointing out the obvious, so both parties can make some concessions regarding the nature of their partner.