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Success & Happiness is directly correlated to your ratio of Good decisions over bad decisions


You got knocked the Fuck out!

Ladies, lets say you are out at a high end nightclub with your man, lover, provider, protector.  He has a bit too much to drink and he notices a guy across the room that keeps staring at your beautiful famine body. You and he converse about it, and you tell him, don’t worry about it. He refuses to take heed to your words as his temper flares.  Finally he has enough of this guy salivating over what he considers his good stuff.  So he shouts across the room a loud bark that shows his intent of defending your honor completely.  

Within 30 seconds they are up in each others faces daring each other to “bust a move”.  So your man proceeds to take all his might to this guys jaw bone, but before your mans fist can make contact, the guys pinpoint jab hits your man dead in the forehead.  Next thing you see is your man falling in slow motion to the floor like an Oak tree in the woods. He hits the floor and doesn’t move as he is knocked totally unconscious for a good 2 minutes.

After the crowd clears, and security assists (carries) your man to his car, you began to try to grasp the nights sudden unfolding of events.  Does this affect his manhood in your eye? Is your ability to look at him as the strong protector gone forever?  What is the conversation in the car like?


Sports – Know that society is set up by the powers that be for multiple purposes. It could be to entertain you, educate you, appease you, pacify you, contain or control you.

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I am complex, yet not complicated

We shall be so lucky as to have a multi-layered personality, character traits and varying interest.  These complexities are what make getting to know someone new so exciting.  The more complex and intricate a person is, the more interesting they are.  It takes more time to discover the fullness of their being.

If they reveal themselves slowly to you, you may be intrigued and held captive by their depth.  If they keep everything honest and consistent without the ever so popular, fake facade that easily melts away as time reveals the truth, they just might have a shot at capturing your heart.  The way to a girls heart is through her ear.  So as you do some introspection and self-improvement, keep in mind that your experiences and talents should not only be fun for you, but also great conversational pieces that enhances your wisdom and understanding.

But stay away from being complicated.  This is exhibited when someone feels stressed by simply listening to you talk.  As they put the pieces of your life’s story together, they get lost and lose interested due to the heavy feeling they get.

I guess the determining distinction between complex and complicated is the different feeling your story evokes in people. As well, if the circumstances of your life’s story realistically depict you as in control, then that is an indication of complex.  If you have no control over serious aspects of your life, tomorrow feels scary.

Relationship status: “It’s complicated”


I not only want to make money, I want to make a difference


100% College-bound

She stared down at a muddle of D’s and F’s on his eighth-grade report card and threatened to kick him out. He had barely passed elementary school, and high school wasn’t even on his radar.

“Something just clicked,” Alexander, now 18, said. “I knew I had to do something.”

On Friday, Alexander proudly swapped his high school’s red uniform tie for a striped red and gold one — the ritual at Englewood’s Urban Prep Academy for Young Men that signifies a student has been accepted into college.  100 percent of its first senior class has been accepted to four-year colleges.  What an accomplishment, this is something all parents and teachers must demand from all educational institutions. 

When a teacher friend of mine fought the LAUSD for a Black male program to separate and focus on the the particular issues this demographic faces, he was denied due to a perception of inequitable “reverse discrimination”.  

Do you think an all male classroom setting with a strong recruitment of African American male teachers with shared and practiced values and expectations can make a difference in the lives of urban Black males who are dropping out of high school at a faster rate than graduating?


Sending flowers – God loves you through me

Aqua Lilies

Aqua Lilies



If you don’t know her favorite flower, you are doing something wrong.

Or, if you are doing something wrong, you better know her favorite flower.



Actually my philosophy in sending flowers is that men should never send them when she is mad at you. When men do something wrong and send flowers, it seems to me to come off as weakness. So you ask her to forgive you because of the good feeling the flowers brought her.  I’d rather send flowers only when everything is great between us. That way, the good feeling the flowers bring will be added to the good feeling I bring.  This will encourage her to appreciate me even more.  Additionally, when things are going wrong and she gets no flowers, there is more reason to work hard and not give up on the relationship, because when it is good, it is great.

In fact, the very best time to send flowers is when she is going through a tough time outside of you two.  This will let her know that you empathize with her struggles and that you are there to support her when she really needs you the most.

Now if she is the type of person who is struggling at work and bringing that mess and dumping it on you, you can send her flowers with a note-

 “I am here for you, to weather the storms with you.  
Please let’s keep us strong and not turn on each other during outside crisis.   
God loves you through me”


Face your pain

We are either busy running towards pleasure, which probably will end in pain

running-away1 OR

 We are running away from pain, which will never end in pleasure 


the great compromise

She can only satisfy 80% of his physical needs

He can only satisfy 80% of her emotional needs



There is no room to pout, doubt or shout. Only do, pursue and accrue. Where there are road blocks we need leaders with solutions and alternatives, but we also need soldiers 100% committed with no excuses. By creating our own destiny we strip the power of others to influence our heights.