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February 5, 2010


The unknow slave statue

Champs de Mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Statue honoring Haitian unknown freedom fighters using the conch shell to make a rally call of freedom.

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  1. ELISA
    Feb 9 2010

    I was recently spending time with my grandmother and we started to discuss the situation in Haiti and its pain it has caused our family. And of course being the young inexperienced women that I am, I began to note the difference of opinions regarding the matter and how people are quick to say “i know how you feel” or “i could only imagine” BUT “Haiti was filled with evil and they sold their soul to the devil for freedom”. The mere thought of justification makes me sick. Because the fact is you can’t imagine how it feels to not know where your family is. To not be sure if they are even alive or not know if the baby cousin that was 3 weeks old was crushed helpless in the rubble. You don’t know how we feel….or how the guilt of living a “privileged” life overwhelmingly occupies the majority of your day. But what does ancient history have to do with modern day suffering of good people? Because guess what, not only the evil were affected by this tragedy. The good, the bad, the ugly, the Christians, the Catholics and basically the entire country was affected by mother nature.and if we all take history as our primary focus, history tells us that the san andreas fault is due to erupt any day now. Does that mean the great people of California are evil and deserving of a massacre courtesy of mother nature? I don’t know… but I say all that to say its better to not lend an opinion on tragedy because victims and those surviving them can not appreciate your opinion in a time of sadness. Excuse my rant, but the moral of my rant is .. after I spoke with my grandmother she looked at me and said ” Woch nan dio pa konnen doule woch nan soley” (The rock in the water does not know the pain of the rock in the sun). Suddenly it all became clear to me…. haitian culture is not evil, its rich with love and meaning, learning experiences and substance. Through sacrifice and perseverance Haiti will survive. So to one haitian decendent to those who “think they know” THANK-YOU! you are part of the reason we still rise… HAITI STAND UP

  2. london
    Feb 9 2010

    This site came on Google, I’m new here in los Angeles. One part haitian one part Dominican . I am from Florida and completing my studies at usc. I understand your frustration sister. I too become very angry with peoples ignorance. We must pray for them.

    Alo sè! Mou’n ki kote ou se, los Angeles? Ou pale creole? Ki kote le danse Caribbean ? Ki kote mwen ka jwenn’u Haiti pep? Bon jou sè !!!

  3. ELISA
    Feb 9 2010

    Alo sè… lol… yes I am in Los Angeles, more so the basin though. Jamaica Gold is a cool spot in Hollywood but depending on your location there are tons of little joints around Long Beach. Yes I do speak creole… there is also a big haitian population in long beach and San Diego.

  4. london
    Feb 12 2010

    Long Beach! Manti!!!!!! Kote? Konben?

  5. ELISA
    Feb 12 2010

    uz ALL roads in Southern California leading to Houghton Park on SATURDAY, FEB 20, 2010 for GIT ON BAD SOCA SATURDAYS!!! Strictly fi di paaty pipple!!! 1215 59th Street (off Orange) in Long Beach 90805. If you plan on attending the Ragga Muffins Fest, just roll thru after the concert cuz we go paaty til mahnin!!! If you unable to attend, please forward the info on to your family, friends & “friend-a- mees” 🙂 Bless & NUF LUV Git On Bad Paaty Animals Squad!
    Hope u go…. have fun!

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