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Some people build walls, not to keep others out,but to see who cares enough to break them down

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Mentor 2 Mentor – What’s your calling?

tree-roadAs a non-profit organizer I’ve lived life with one eye on what may be.  I try to look at life from a perspective of what is not quite right, as I search for the answers to many injustices and conundrums.  Through my nonprofit LOM Foundation, I am now attempting to duplicate action.  We can do it much better than me. 


So if you are interested in starting your own community action organization or support group for at risk teens in your community, I would like to give you a little push in the right direction.  Contact me via my e-mail address ( and I or my trusted and knowledgeable colleague, Wallace Russell will converse with you just to help you develop an action plan. We will assist you in bringing what is already a desire within you, into focus.  Our goal is to branch our efforts to grow a strong tree rooted in the development of a positive sense of community across America.   The phone is ringing, answer the call.




Men’s Meeting – 5 Stars thanks to Jarell


Today we had our monthly Men’s meeting. 15 men ages 17 to 60 converged at Joe’s house for some BBQ on his back porch. I brought Jarell, one of my little brothers from Big Brothers of America. This was the first meeting he has attended since we’ve been doing them. I met Jarell when he was 12, he is now 24. He came over my house to discuss a business proposition two days ago. He expressed his short attention span and how he has so many interests yet he lacks the focus to see things from start to finish. I’ve always been concerned for Jarell. But after today I know Jarell will be just fine in life.    Read moreRead more


Revenge and retaliation will only result in hurting the both of you more so it is quite counter-productive

Quote of the week – Patrick


My husband betrayed me for some bitch!

Dear Jermaine, what is your advice on wives letting their husbands go when they leave for another woman?  I have 2 friends going through this very thing.  Seriously, I’ve been up late for the last three days trying to help them through this. I just wanted a male’s perspective.


betting-marriageDear true friend of the Betrayed, good friends are proven at these moments.  I’m sure your friends appreciate your every comfort and energy for the sake of their sanity.  On the ground level we can offer a shoulder, we say “he ain’t worth a damn”. The tears and depression can be an emotional battle.  Read moreRead more


Adventure – Her life shall never be the same with you in it



Because of you she will see the world from a new perspective, if she opens her eyes


Often, the wisest man in the room is the one who made the most mistakes


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 Rev RUN


Finance 200 – By Yohance Harrison

money-dollar-sign11So now that you have successfully completed Econ Professor Harris’ Finance 101 through 106, you are ready for Finance 200 courses. You have determined your net worth, created a budget or spending plan for your finances, and have a strategy for managing your debt and increasing your savings. The next step is to protect the the assets you can’t affort to lose.                   Read moreRead more


With life, the grass is always seemingly greener on the other side. But once one stops straddling the fence and jumps over they will soon realize, like the previous side, the sun always shines brighter from an angle.






Quote of the week – Elisa



butterflyDo you remember the first time you saw her?  Do you remember the first words that left your mouth to fall onto her ear?  Do you remember if her smile accompanied her reply?  How sweet did her voice sound? Do you remember her scent, her attire or aura?  Do you remember the very first time your skin touched hers, how about the first time your single finger gently stroked her feminine arm?


Do you remember how it made you feel?  It’s hard to put into words the nostalgia that the mere thought, sight or sound of her created in you.  Not to belittle that wondrous feeling, but let’s call it butterflies for now.  Was it 6 days ago, 6 months ago, 6 years ago, maybe 26 years ago?  Where did those butterflies go?  Did they fade slowly over time, or were you robbed one cold day when you were awaken by her during a Sunday nap, you looked up at her with indifference just to roll over and attempt to doze once more. 

  Read moreRead more