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Can you relinquish your power and submit to a man? Part III






When reading concerns from my perspective please take into account my personality. I am by nature extremely nonchalant, liberal person. Thus things that bother me will not cause an immediate reaction but a build up over time. All except touching MY TOOTH PASTE! DON’T DO IT! I try to accept everyone for what they present.


1.                  A personal concern would be my significant other impeding on “my space” . Where will they put their things? Will I have to down size my personal items to accommodate their necessities?

2.                  Personal  (i.e. Toys, text messages, emails). Will he be uncomfortable with my collection of toys? Should I lock my phone or delete text as I read them? My emails, facebook or myspace account?

3.                  Freedom, Do I become unglued if he is out past midnight? Personally I wouldn’t care but should I stake my claim so he knows not to try no funny shit? Is it disrespectful?

4.                  Friends, When do we mix? Is our house a home or party spot? I have a daughter…it’s a HOME!

5.                  Finances, is he responsible? I’ve learned not to ask a man what is in his pocket, but also EXPECT for him to hold his side down. Or whatever arrangement we have.

6.                  Gender Roles, as liberal as I am, the one thing I am true to is gender roles. I believe men are bread to do certain things as well as women. I’m not a man and I WILL NOT act like it…but I WILL support you in your efforts. I don’t do trash and anything to do with the car (not even gas)…but cooking and cleaning go unsaid.


Miss Nonchalant




The thing I like most about being on stage is making people happy, cause I feel I’m here on earth for a reason. And I think it’s my job to do that.

Quote of the weekyound-michael



Can you relinquish your power and submit to a man? Part II

back-weakThis was a difficult subject for me to write about because most of the men I know have allowed the women in their lives to be head of household.

Men aren’t really raised to take control anymore, and women are raised to be independent. So this topic is almost obsolete.

back-2However, I still see the value in allowing a man to be head of household. There are about two or three women in my life who are in marriages where their husband has practically all of the power. Although, the “Strong” women in my family ridicule the women in these types of marriages, their marriages seem to be working. It is also part of God’s original plan to have men as head of household.

Here are a few challenges that women are faced with during their quest in finding a man who they are able to give all power to: Read moreRead more


Those good ole days seems like so long ago, I thought you cared about me then but now I don’t know. Was there ever any love at all?

Did you ever love me








 Deborah Cox


Can you relinquish your power and submit to a man? Part I

arm-wrestle-3aBy giving “power” to a man I may move in with or marry do you mean he is the head of the house and has final say over all financial decisions and family matters? Do I move in with him because I married this man or just cohabitating? Am I financially dependent on him? The answer is NO. This does not sound like the ideal man for me. Where’s the compromise? No person should have POWER over another person.

house-in-handAt this stage of my life…career oriented, homeowner, financially stable/independent and at the tender age of “40somethin’,” a decision of living with a man would only come after being in a long-term trusting relationship. Whether it be in my home or his home, would take a lot of consideration and here are a few things that I would want US to establish and/or consider: Read moreRead more


Joke of the Week by the infamous & dearly missed Robin Harris

Husband: Hey woman, try my pants on?

Wife: You know I can’t fit your pants.

Husband: Well now you know who wears the pants around here!

Wife: Put a pair of my pants on.

Husband: Girl you know I can’t get into your pants.

Wife: And you never will again if you don’t change your damn attitude!





The Devil’s homepage –

evil1I don’t go onto Myspace often, but I would for a woman like you. I see that you are married and I respect that. This is so not me to be like this, but there is just something about you that I can not shake. Maybe your profile is perfect, or maybe you are just really that kind of woman. You look so happy in your wedding photos. Are you still happy today? Oh by the way happy belated wedding anniversary. It looks like I missed it by a few days based off the date on your page. I saw your page the other day and decided not to send you a message. Then I could not get you off my mind. Not in a stalker type way or a damn she is so fine way although your are beautiful. It is deeper than that. You know how God sometimes directs people your way or creates a connection and you don’t know why? You look so sweet and loving. Well I see past some things too. Maybe it is discernment or maybe it I am just tripping and this message is in vain. Either way since I could not shake it I decided to talk to you anyway. Can I get to know you a little better? Read moreRead more


Boy in the bubble – Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson- A child abused

michael-jacksonEveryone is well aware of the legendary history of Michael Jackson. The most unique thing about him was the fact that he was famous very early in his life purely on his own talent and merit. He was born with a golden voice as well as a fragile character. His skin was very thin, leaving him emotionally susceptible to the crude environment of the public eye. This environment did not have such a profound personal affect his brothers.

To be deprived of his childhood and not allotted the normalcy to develop into a mature man emotionally is in my opinion a form of child abuse. Every year we have a new teen celebrity to shred due to their ill adjustment brought on by the selling of their soul to the devil, the media and to the American public as represented by the paparazzi. Read moreRead more


It is also true that one can write nothing readable unless one constantly struggles to efface one’s own personality. Good prose is like a windowpane.

Quote of the week by: George Orwell (British Author)


Is total satisfaction possible?

unhappyIn reading my entry regarding my anniversary this question came to mind. If we are goal setters, we should be realistic in those goals, correct? The most important aspect to goal setting is attainability. So shall we look for total satisfaction within a relationship or is that a fairytale that only exist in a 4 year old girl’s bedtime story?

I am under the impression that many men have insatiable appetites. And most women are never satisfied. I’ve never come across a totally satisfied woman, but then again, maybe I’m just incapable of bringing total satisfaction to pass. Read moreRead more