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What’s on your mind?

whisperThis site serves as my outlet to release what’s on my mind.  It helps me cope with the struggles of my walk.  If any of you would like to post your own article about a challenge you face, please send it to me anonymously.  If I elect to publish it (and edit), you can direct your acquaintances to it or just see how my readers respond. 
Sharing is healing.   


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Joke of the week by the Infamous Paul Moody

A 13 year old boy walks into his parents bedroom one late night, he saw his step-father standing at the edge of the bed with his mother spread eagle in front of him.  The father saw the boy and just laughed, hahaha, then he winked at his son.shocked2


One week later the father walked into his son’s room one late night.  The son was standing at the edge of the bed with his grandmother spread eagle in front of him.  The son saw the dad and laughed hahaha, winked and said, “It ain’t so funny when it’s your mamma huh?”




Mufasa and Simba sit on a mountain top and look down at passing antelope.

mufasaSimba asks his father, the King, “Dad, lets go get one of those juicy antelope?  The King responds with a question, “are you hungry son?”  No, replies the young cub, as he sits back down in disappointment.  At that moment they see Scar, Mufasa’s younger, weaker brother stalking the antelope.  Scar springs ahead with all his might on a chase. The antelope scatter and pick up their pace.  Scar is unsuccessful. “Dad, why does Scar try so hard?”  Mufasa looks down at his son and says,

“If you know you can, you don’t have anything to prove.”


Teen Sex Talk – Double standard for my daughter

My son recently called me and asked, “dad, can a girl get pregnant before she starts having periods?” 


famil-kitchen-talkYou are raising a teenager in 2009, what can be more nerve-wracking?  How, what and when do you keep your child properly informed and safe?  No matter what your technique, you always will have a bit of doubt and worry.  Let’s talk about it. 


I’ve been talking to my two kids (boy and girl) about sex since I can remember.  I’ve kept the conversation age appropriate (I hope).  I started by referencing the animal kingdom and human and animal nature as procreation is the most important function of species perpetuation.  I introduce many concepts by using metaphors that are easier for them to comprehend.  Read moreRead more


Fight – Don’t let life knock you out!

boxing-victorHave you ever been through a very tough situation and after it was over and done, you felt stronger?  You felt better about yourself due to the lesson you learned?  Each day presents a situation that will either pump you up and make you feel good about yourself, or it will feel like a Mike Tyson blow to the chest and take the wind right out of you.  You stagger and think to yourself “should I lay down, orboy-boxer-2 will my knees stop wobbling. 


As parents, our job is to stand close to our children and make sure we reinforce and celebrate each daily success our children encounter.  We also are to be there to talk to our children to point out the lessons within every defeat.   We must make sure that each blow to the chest our children receive is accompanied by a discussion of what, why and how not to have that happen again.  Good parenting technique balances the punishment and the lesson of encouragement. Read moreRead more


How do you not revert back to your tribal instincts?

obama_gangstaHave you heard this popular saying from the 1950’s negro migration North: “You can take the nigga out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the nigga”.  I used to hate that saying. Even though I didn’t subscribe to it, I knew there always was some ghetto in me that I could pull out at any given moment.  How about this old popular saying of the 1960’s in the South: What do you call an educated black man?…  A nigga.  If I make the wrong move, I can be locked up with all the other fools through a court system that hates black men almost as bad as black men hate themselves.


Boyz in da hood are always hardHow you build a pyramid  will influence your rationale (see my article on pyramiding- entitled Complex game of Chess).  But that can only take you so far.  If you are like me and you came from the hood after building a juvenile criminal record that would be the pride of any life long criminal, then try to emerge into a world with limitless boundaries, you have to learn how to suppress the urge to act on the tribal instinct that you were taught in tribal societies.  In a governmental society, the police and civil court is a legitimate way to resolve big problems.  On the other hand tribal warfare will be fueled by rage given the need to display your ego publicly.  In a tribe, you can not show any signs of weakness, and often times that translates to not showing any signs of intelligence. If you don’t know the difference, that is a discredit to your level of intellect. 

  Read moreRead more




Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we conspire to deceive

tangled-webSir Walter Scott – quote of the week

I would ask for you to post your story of mass deception, but I’m scared due to the fact that I’m just starting to recover from the “Scandalous” stories…


Twin Dads – Woman gives birth to twins by two different fathers

Eleven month old Justin and Jordan were born to a couple with plans of getting married and being a family forever.  But Mia Washington began to notice that her twins were developing different facial features. Justin was looking a bit too much like the guy she had an affair with around the time of conception.  



wow-dad1Low and behold, DNA test showed that the children were fathered by two different men, yet were conceived during the same ovulation period.  WOW.  Let’s think about the pivotal points here.  Number one, I’m engaged, having an affair and also pregnant.  Do I keep quiet about the affair and convince myself and the world that the “baby” is my fiancés’?  Probably.  Number two, I’m noticing the twins are looking very different, yet very familiar.  Do I tell anyone, go get a DNA test, or just keep quiet?   Read moreRead more


I came wrong, you were right, transformed your love into a lie

maxwellPretty Wings