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When I find that man who can set aside his ego for the good of US, then I will have found my husband!

Quote of the week

Lady Che


There ain’t nothing that’s more sexy than a woman that want, but don’t need me

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 Jamie Fox
She Got her Own


Interracial dating – It’s not always black and white

mix-couple3Dear Jermaine, I read your site all the time. I’ve been struggling with something for a minute now and I’d like to get your advice. I am a junior in College and all my male and female friends all are giving me a hard time because I’ve been dating a white girl for the past 2 months. I am black and I feel that a person should be able to love who ever he wants. But the pressure and uncomfortable feeling is getting to be too much. I feel like I got to choose between them and her. What do you think I should do?

Signed, It’s not always black and white

Dear It’s not always black and white,
I understand your pain,                                            Read moreRead more


Consolidation Of Two Histories

william-penn2Philadelphia is a city filled to the rim with rich American history. My corporate headquarters is there and I love to visit, although it created a mental challenge for me. As black elementary school children we learn with our classmates to pledge allegiance to the red white and blue flag. In 7th grade history I began to figure out that all of the stories of our history seem to detail us as victorious or at least on the side of good. Given the fact that I began pontificating way too young in life, this didn’t sit right with me. It was like a splinter in the mind that trapped me in the Matrix. I began to learn about African-American history. Through high school, as did many African-American students, I struggled with consolidating the two histories as they very rarely overlapped congruently. As exhibited in the consciousness of the hip-hop movement that turned from MC party rap battles to black consciousness lyrics in the early 90’s, we found ourselves. It was the equivalent of what our parents were taught by James Brown “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud!” and the Black is Beautiful (Afro) period of the 70’s.

I feel that Black children should be taught to pledge allegiance to the flag first. Read moreRead more



tug-of-warOur second Men of Means breakfast is scheduled for April 5th.  We will discuss topics regarding manhood with our young brothers.  This is an opportunity to flex our inner Obama for the sake of unity and solidarity. We will share our successes and defeats to serve as a guiding post to our young brothers 16 years old +


Life Savers

lifesavers1 Miss Smith was treating her 3rd grade class to some Life Saver candy. They were talking about matching the different flavors with the colors. They guessed all correctly except for one flavor. The one they couldn’t figure out was a golden colored honey flavored Life Saver. Miss Smith gave them a hint to help them figure the flavor. “It is something your mommy may call your daddy sometimes”. Little Susie spits the Life saver across the room and wipes her mouth in disgust as she shouts “Is it ass hole flavored?!?!?”


Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!

Black Cinema Quote





Celie – The Color Purple


When is it appropriate to hit a woman?

meetbrown7 This is one of the questions we posed to our young brothers at the first men’s breakfast last month. The big brothers first went around the table sharing their experiences when they faced an adverse confrontational situation with someone they were in a relationship with. Not all of the stories where pleasant or ended on a good note. We as mentors kept it real, we did not sugar coat it or try to preach. We once had no clue, we learned the hard way. Now we discuss with the next generation so they may stop and think before they let their temper get the best of them.

As men we are normally at a disadvantage in that we were not raised to feel and express our emotions through verbal communication. Women tend to underestimate our frustrations when we are dealing with emotions that are fresh and contradict what we’ve been taught regarding manhood. Read moreRead more


It’s better to get smart than to get mad. I try not to get so insulted that I will not take advantage of an opportunity to persuade people to change their minds.

John H. Johnson


Quote of the week


Black Heroes – John H. Johnson


Born into poverty in Arkansas in 1918, and grew into prominence through enduring hard work.  Mr. John H. Johnson released “Negro Digest” in November 1945.  He soon changed the name to Ebony Magazine.  We are a diverse people who the media has historically failed to portray as such. Mr. Johnson published magazines that showed the world the wide variety of faces, facets, struggles and successes of the life of Negros, Afro-Americans, Black People, and African-Americans throughout nearly 65 years of OURstory.  Johnson published an Auto-biography in 1989 that I read as a young entrepreneur.  His words and example helped build my confidence and courage to face this world with my head held high. This is why Mr. Johnson is my Hero.



Historically Ebony and Jet magazines were of the most notable permanent fixtures in every Black household. John H Johnson pasted away in 2005. He handed the company to his adopted daughter Linda Johnson Rice in 2002. I have recently learned that the Johnson Publishing Company is currently going through a financial crisis. The company is attempting reorganization in order to survive. Many people have already lost their jobs with a company that has employed thousands of Black Americans during the course of its existence.  In order to support this effort to save OUR magazine, my friends and myself have pledged to subscribe to both, Ebony and Jet magazine. We are urging every other person who comes across this plea, to do the same.


It would be a crying shame to lose our historic magazine during the same year of such an historic event as the election of our first BLACK president of these very United States of America.