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Economics Workbook

Econ Workbook


You look a little too good honey

I have a good friend who, due to health reasons, lost about 80 pounds. His wife of 15 years is having a hard time adjusting to his new look. She claims it will take time for her to get used to the new him, because she likes him thicker.  But he feels that she is insecure due to the new attention he is getting. Over the past 15 years they have both expanded together. They both decided to loose together, but he has out paced her 5 pounds to 1.

He recently ran into a woman that he had a big crush on in high school. She continually rejected him back then. “Sean, is that you? Damn, you look good!” “Donna? Hey, how are you doing, wow how long has it been?”….. Read moreRead more


Have you ever cheated on me?

Jack and Betty are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
“Betty, I was wondering — have you ever cheated on me?”
“Oh Jack, why would you ask such a question now? You don’t want to ask that question…”
“Yes, Betty, I really want to know. Please.”
“Well, all right. Yes, 3 times.”
“Three? When were they?”
“Well, Jack, remember when you were 35 years old and you really wanted to start the business on your own and no bank would give you a loan? Remember how one day the bank president himself came over to the house and signed the loan papers, no questions asked?”
“Oh, Betty, you did that for me! I respect you even more than ever, that you would do such a thing for me! So, when was number 2?”
“Well, Jack, remember when you had that last heart attack and you were needing that very tricky operation, and no surgeon would touch you? Remember how Dr. DeBakey came all the way up here, to do the surgery himself, and then you were in good shape again?”
“I can’t believe it! Betty, I love that you should do such a thing for me, to save my life! I couldn’t have a more wonderful wife. To do such a thing, you must really love me darling. I couldn’t be more moved. When was number 3?”
“Well, Jack, remember a few years ago, when you really wanted to be president of the golf club and you were 17 votes short?”


Assurance Financial Foundation

Our Mission Statement

Assurance Financial Foundation is a non profit organization created to assist its members in setting and meeting their personal finance and business finance goals by utilizing our methods of education, goal tracking and goal obtainment. We are a strong network of professionals that are available to provide you and your business with the intellectual, physical and financial capital that you need to assure your achievement. Our purpose is to build a strong network of members who utilize all company and member resources in order to enhance individual success.

“The power of individual success is Knowledge. The power of business success is Network.”


Obama asked me “What’s your cause?”

As a contributor-volunteer I was surveyed by They asked the following questions – How would you like to see this organization move forward in the months and years ahead? And how would you like to be engaged as a volunteer and organizer?:

I would like Obama to have a new grassroots initiative every quarter that is publicized through news outlets and his web-site. These quarterly initiatives are fund raisers for a particular cause. This will be an alternative to higher taxation. It gives Americans an option to direct Government funds to the initiatives they want. Hence, if they don’t want their tax dollars used for a particular initiative, they will not participate. Those who want to help fund certain programs have the ability to donate a single or a monthly contribution. This will reduce taxes and the participation is in direct relationship to American’s interest in the resolution. It also puts to rest many conservative’s argument against income redistribution. Each initiative will have its own link from Each link will have a program description as well as a monthly progress and results report with full transparency. News broadcasters may investigate the results as Americans help Americans willingly. To keep cost low, private industry may bid on certain functions as long as they meet community building parameters such as hiring from within the served community. The initiatives will also utilize volunteers and interested youth for paid internships to pay for higher education or student loan forgiveness. We should want all Americans to have contributed to at least one cause. This will enhance the effort to engage Americans in actively promoting social change. A common question among Americans will be, and the question I pose to you is “What’s your cause?”


This is a man’s world – Virtue of a Women Part Three

This is a man’s world.  But it wouldn’t be a damn thing without a lady’s touch.

We men believe that we run this. Right or wrong, you lady’s allow us that pride. Yet let’s get real with it. When women don’t take a stand, a lot of shit hits the fan. We are nothing until we do right by you. And men are hard headed and stubborn at times, so we need you ladies to keep us in check. With no doubt you collectively have the power, but divided you all fall for some sorry game. You have many sisters holding your cause back. As of lately, your progress has stalled on the side of the road. Professionally you ladies are progressing nicely with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the growing number of female CEO’s. Yet personally you suck, no pun intended.


Women on a rare occasion unite with the power of numbers and overcome odds for a singular cause. You did it during the Woman’s liberation movement. You did it during the sexual revolution. Even if it is in the wrong direction, when you unite, you move weight. Through your virtue you shall one day unite again and move this land towards its promise. But not until you collectively realize that you do possess such strength. Just as Blacks have struggled with chains that they did not place on their ankles, yet had the key in their pocket for a while now, you too shall discover your key of virtue.

I’m no longer a player, I’ve retired the golden Magnum, so I can speak freely about Women Power. Not to worry men, I will never reveal the deep secrets of the male thought, but why not indulge women with my explanation regarding them? Men, don’t get mad at me, I’ve played the game and I’ve easily won due to the weak attempts you guys have mustered. So if women get stronger, you’ll have to take heed and improve your game. We’ll all be the better for it.

 “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free”

Women use what the have to get what they want. It’s a competitive world out there, and while you overuse what you got, men get spoiled and weak. Trust me, I know. Yet there is another variable on the left side of this equation, which is, you women have to have your stuff together. If we come over your house and it is nasty, that’s a no-no. When a man walks into a woman’s nasty house, he thinks to himself, “if she can’t keep her house clean, what about her ass?” As twisted and deranged as we are we will hit it anyways; we probably won’t keep coming back though. If you can’t cook a brotha a meal, what’s up wit dat? My 16 year old son can cook better then many women I’ve known. I’m not blaming ya mama, but somebody needs to get slapped.  I’m not trying to be chauvinistic, you don’t have to have any one set of skills, but know that we need a set of skills that complements ours, not duplicates them. However, a woman that can help cut down a tree, or fix a car is golden, that’s quality time wit ya man. Since I can’t get my girly girl daughter interested in home improvement, I’ve taught her that if the men of the house are doing work outside, come and check on them every hour and offer them something to eat or drink, you know, some sustenance. Outside of what a man wants, there is what a man needs, sustenance. Can you provide that?

Let me tell you a secret about my game that was so wicket smart, I was a better woman then most of the women I dated. They’d be blown away by my feminine qualities, which I imagine I got from my woman oriented childhood. But ladies, don’t let a man (especially a real man) out-woman you. Now she’s sitting there looking around not knowing what she can contribute because I got it covered.  Then her mind starts to rap around my life and she thinks “I can get used to this”.   My thought was, “What can you do for me? Nothing, so just sit back, look sexy, relax and enjoy…………….. Okay, you can go now.”   Now I must disclaim that not all of the women I dated were like that.  This is why I had to step up my game and settle down for the sake of doing it right.  Many women are quality, but it only takes a small percentage to keep men confused.  You women need to find a way to check and train those “hoes” that are making it so difficult for all you virtuous ladies.

Think of the three biggest things that break relationships up, then apply them to this article. Let me know your thoughts, am I crazy?


Are you ready for a new beginning?

During the recent wild fires that swept through three separate areas of Southern California, the news was open for business 24/7. Emily and John Jordan are both in their late 50’s and were looking forward to retirement. 2008 has not been nice to the Jordan’s; it actually has been down right cruel. Just a short week ago the Jordan’s huddled around their kitchen table in their Yorba Linda home contemplating selling there home due the collapse of their investment portfolio. They quickly discounted that idea when Mr. Jordan reminded Emily that the value of their home was not anything to be depended on.

On Sunday morning the Jordan’s lost their home to what they called a great big firey monster. With a news reporters oversized microphone in their face, they answer one of the many stupid questions posed, “What are we going to do?, we are going to start a new beginning.”

We in America have tussled with crisis after crisis as of lately. We’ve chosen sides, we voted, debated and worried. Often we reserve worry for ourselves without serious consideration for those who are less fortunate than us, even though our fortune is luck that can be burned to an unrecognizable crisp. With the wave of Democratic voting, I believe that America may be finally maturing into the Country that the world needs to emulate. The kind of place where family means everything, profit is second to neighbor and community.  A place where concern for others blanket a wide geographical, economic and sociological area. We will get there, we are getting there. No one knows the distance, no one knows the amount of backsliding in our future, but for right now God is slapping us in the face and screaming “Wake Up!” as in the final scene of Spike Lee’s “School Daze”.

Our material wealth means nothing, our greed, discontent and disrespect for the Earth and all it’s people is catching up to us. When you are left with only the clothes on your back, you must eventually wipe your eyes and say, thank God I’m alive.

Like the Jordan’s, can you wake up with nothing and say “we are going to start a new beginning”?


The Economy?

Back in September the Federal Government saw fit to bailout the banking industry with a $700 billion package. The quest was two fold, first to stop the banks from failing. Secondly, the government aimed to stop the rate of home foreclosures that displaced citizens at a rapid clip unseen in American history. So what has the Government accomplished to date? Nothing. Why?

The first relief plan was acronymed “TARP”. This plan was loosely drawn and signed out of haste by Congress despite the Congressional fight and delay. The second party to the deal, banks, signed it in even more alacrity due to the fact that they felt they were going to loose their shirts. The banks probably knew going in that the money would not work the way Congress was hoping.

To date $290 billion is out the door. $125 billion to 9 of the biggest banks, $125 billion to smaller banks. $40 billion to my former employer AIG, thank God I left, but I truly feel for my old buddies who are really in a bad position. I’m now with a competitor and we are poised to take market share from the formerly known “largest” insurance company in the world, AIG.

To break it down to its simplest form, the banks rather spend the money on merging so that they don’t collapse, as opposed to helping homeowners stay in their homes. The banks rather have foreclosures than to sell a block of mortgages to the Government for less than what they expect to get if they hold the homes. See, these mortgages are held in bundles, called Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO’s) and can’t be broken out home by home. CDO’s are bundled up according to risk into “tranches” (bundles) So some tranches may be AAA rated prime paper or mezzanine tranches which are lower rated AA or BB papers. There is no way to break out the failing loans from the bundle to dump on the Government unless the home is actually in foreclosure. Once in that stage, the loan servicers are not able to agree with the Government on how to save the homeowners by changing the terms of the loan. Loan servicers are paid according to the money they obtain in collection activities, as opposed to how much they loose to the Government. So homeowners get no relief.

Now the TARP money is going to AIG for losses associated with Credit Default Swaps. These
Swaps are risk transfer contracts, or insurance. Companies who hold accounts receivable from their clients have an exposure to losses from customers not paying their debt. So AIG began selling “Trade Credit”, which is insurance for default on accounts receivable. AIG bet that only a small percentage of these insurance buyers would suffer insurable losses that AIG would have to pay. Yet, in a bad economy, the house of cards may fall all at once. So when the economy turned bad and many companies default rates increased, they filed claims to be reimbursed by AIG. This used up much of AIG’s cash holdings. Insurance companies are required to hold a minimal amount of liquid assets. If they are not in compliance with these regulations, they must liquidate assets to satisfy requirements or turn in their license and fold.

Now the Government is looking at bailing out the U.S. auto industry as well as American Express. Okay, the auto industry to save jobs, but American Express? I despise credit card companies, if it were not for them, many people wouldn’t have even been a sub-prime borrower to begin with.  Can you say “Bankruptcy Reorganization” boys and girls. If a company has a bad business model, shall we through good money after bad.

To address my main concern of homeowners and property values, I’d have all homeowners who go into foreclosure file for bankruptcy immediately so they may stay in their homes. As well I’d have the Whitehouse decree a restriction of Sheriff’s duties to remove people from defaulted homes only after the trustee sale is complete. The government shall offer to buy the home from the bank at $1 above the highest bid. That way they can renegotiate new terms and the homeowner can remain in the home. Once that is completed, have the bankruptcy court dismiss the case without concluding the bankruptcy. This will force banks to negotiate with the Government better terms as they attempt to save proceeding and processing cost.


I don’t like living under your spotlight just because you think i might find somebody worthy. Maybe if you treat me right you won’t have to worry.

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