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There are three levels of learning. The first is simple information acquisition. The second is utilization of knowledge. The third, Ahh yes,  “Intellectual synthesis of knowledge,” this is where you want to dwell. A deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of many bodies of knowledge.



The Boob Chronicles, a Stage Play Directed by Jermaine Harris

Join Jermaine and Brandy at this event. Witness and become a part of a beautiful story of women’s strength and empowerment.




War vs. Terrorism

Most wars of the world are over control over material wealth.   We want their water supply, their minerals, their labor or their oil.  We can’t negotiate an affordable trade, so we take it.  Emperors are painted as power hungry war mongers.  Their painted images reflect no teeth, no smiles of joy. They are the riches of their region, yet their historical images state, “Don’t Fudge with me” I’m the strongest, most fierce ruler and any challenge of my authority will be bet with an iron fist.

As people split and divide throughout history, their beliefs and customs change.  Rulers tended to use the religious cloth to shape submission in the masses.  These various beliefs divided the masses and cultures shaped around such beliefs.  Regardless of one’s beliefs, it was common that men should be able to protect their families, and parents should be able to feed and provide for their offspring.  Yet the divide of the land and socio-political structure would create additional inequities in the distribution of resources.  Read moreRead more


The Healthcare Debates – Problems – Solutions

Debate 1:        Is access to quality healthcare a right or a privilege

Debate 2:        Should health insurance be a purchase mandate for all citizens

Debate 3:        Should pre-existing conditions be covered under new insurance coverage

Debate 4:        Should insurance companies have death panels that may deny coverage for expensive catastrophic procedures


Insurance companies do not provide healthcare.  They are middle-men that drive-up healthcare cost due to mandated reserve funds, salaries for employees, executives, as well as profit seeking investors.  Their main profit protection is the screening of customers and limiting high risk patients access to insurance coverage. Read moreRead more


An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.

Martin Luther King


Individualistic people on Team Capitalism

We’ve discussed the individualism of the U.S. culture. Yet the dissidence to that notion is that American Capitalism is a team sport. So how can a bunch of individualist form strong and competitive teams?  This is an example of the Chess rules they inject into our game of checkers.  Many of us don’t quite understand how to play this capitalist game, and we end up at the bottom rung.

As we fill out an employment application or hand over our resume it is a question that we ask, “May I join your team?” Yet the gatekeepers have a particular type of person they are looking for in each available position.  If they are looking for a running back and you are slow… If they are looking for a Center and you are short…  If they are looking for a person with a bubbly people person personality, and you are a introverted tech person…

Each team has a gatekeeper.  The gatekeeper’s job is to screen people from entering or exiting their team.  For example, a human resources manager is a gatekeeper for the corporate team.  They have a list of all the qualifications for each position, they manage the corporate culture and personality traits that are required for entry.  Another example of a gatekeeper is a high school math teacher.   The grade that she assesses you earned in her class is gatekeeper responsibility that determines if you move up, get to graduate or if you gain access to college.

Life is filled with gatekeepers, and many people don’t realize this fact until it is too late. They have failed in the eyes of many gatekeepers and find themselves underqualified to join teams that grant the reward that we desire.

It is easy to get the impression that American culture is individualistic and lose the idea of the team effort. The first and most important team that anyone will be a part of is family.  If one is born into, or creates a strong family team environment, they have an advantage.  Yet, often times parents team building skills are contingent upon the family team they were raised in. It is to the advantage of each young adult to objectively assess their childhood to accentuate the positive and admonish the negative to ensure an expanding legacy.


The second team a person enters into is one that is designed by the government. Thus through this team government has the right, option and power to influence all citizens’ outcomes.  Schools are funded and managed by government employees.  Their focus is education of the 3 r’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).  So there is a delineation of responsibility between the first team and the second teams impact on the lives of our youth.  The family team is responsible for prepping students for academic success.  The second school team is to create the academic success. Read moreRead more


Identity – A book by Jermaine Harris

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Power Couple international, founded by Jermaine & Brandy Harris

Hey everybody, as you may know, with the support of my loving wife I’ve been running my non-profit “Black Family United”Click the image to visit our website for a number of years. I’m now able to pay her back with support of her new family therapy firm.  As a subsidiary of Black Family United, we have build a team of 4 expert Power Couples who will lead the charge of positively impacting the lives of couples who may be struggling to hold it together, or just want to make their good relationship GREAT.  Check us out and join our first event on March 26, 2016.  Power Couple serves a social network of couples who are willing to think outside of the box to get extraordinary results within their relationships.



Racism in America: A psychological approach

Racism is arguably a very significant problem in America, yet some people deny its existence or impact.

The study of the existence of racism is a sociological conversation. Yet the answer to racism in America does not exist within the field of sociology. The discussion may lie with political pundits, yet the answer is not within political science. Economics is the leading cause of racism, yet correcting economics will not end racism. This is why a person’s economic status does not resolve his exposure to racist activities.

Sociology studies what is happening and why.  Political science is the game of power grabbing. Economics is the study of how society accumulates and distributes its scarce resources, and in America there is a positive correlation between being Black and being poor. Yet knowing Black history will not change the future of racism. The real answer to racism is within the field of psychology.  The Psychology of the 310 million American minds is where the answers are.

So what is the psychology of racism?  It is the psychological possession of an inferiority or a superiority complex. Read moreRead more